Food Loft / Ko-Fu-Loft 口福樓

I think I am too out-dated in blogging Food Loft as it has now changed to Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓) since few days ago. Before I start with Ko-Fu-Loft, Food Loft used to have it’s conveniences to its customers’, as it’s a multi-racial of cuisine under one roof. You’ll have a choice to have Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Indonesia cuisine, Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine and so on.

I find it weird to show you what Food Loft had offered, but seriously food for a start wasn’t impressing, but after months and weeks of doing it, I supposed practice make perfect, the food honestly has improved a lot.

For example the Fried Hand Noodle that was once promoted in Food Loft and was told they hired somebody from China and make those noodles with the chef’s bare hand. It was tantalizing, and the food serving was reasonable too.
Even figure food like Pie Tee also quite tasty.

And now, 2 to 3 years later, from Food Loft to now Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓), serving Dim Sum, some Chinese food like Jingdo Pork Ribs (京都排骨), Sweet & Sour Pork, Pork Ribs King (排骨王), etc.

For a start we tried a few of ordinary Dim Sum, and I personally believe we’ll have to come back for another try.

Simple Dim Sum as, Fresh Shrimp Dumplings or Har Kau (鮮明蝦餃) RM5-50.

Siew Mai (魚子燒賣皇) RM5-00.

Fried Carrot Cake (口福臘味蘿蔔糕) RM5-00. Crispy outside, spongy inside; absolutely different from others restaurant which they normally fried it with bean sprouts and other ingredients.

Deep Fried Prawn & Vegetable Spring Rolls (越南炸春卷) RM5-50.

Hong Kong Char Siew Roll (港式叉燒腸粉) RM4-50.

And, a pot of Chinese (菊堡茶, RM6-00, RM3-00 per pax, min 2 pax) for both of us, that helps to wash away the oily food.

Anyway, there will be a group of Penang Bloggers visiting them soon, please look out for their reviews.

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Address & Contact Number
170-04-59 Gurney Plaza
Tel: +604-229 5011
Fax: +604-229 4011


Anonymous said…
nice place ya...the handmade noodle and siew mai look great!! yummy!
allie said…
Miss a chance to meet up with you :)
Hope to see you soon!
Unknown said…
They do serves many varities of foods.
Anonymous said…

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Little Inbox said…
Looks like a nice place to look for dim sum. :P
Shell (貝殼) said…
i like the "口福樓" logo / menu ^^
Dim sum all looks nice, especially the 魚子燒賣皇.
Rebecca Saw said…
ehhe..when i saw the title of this post i tot u were the 1st to post abt the review last Sun!
So sad i missed it!
wanted to meet the rest of the floggers tht i havent met yet.
Steven Goh said…
wao... you are fast even without the invited review. Moreover, very syncronised with us leh. You had missed out the fun on the review that day. Hope to see you on other review soon :)
Christina Kim said…
Ohhhh, missed the chance to meet you here...I was here that day..
Never mind, there's definitely another time.

I agree that their food supercedes that of Food Loft last time, especially their dim sum! :)
food-4tots said…
Tks for the link. The Hong Kong Char Siew rolls look tasty! But it was not in our food tasting listing. Looking forward to meet you in person in our food review. ;)
Big Boys Oven said…
the dim sum really look awesome jewel! ;)
email2me said…
Wow nice foods at pictures. The dim sum looks good and affordable :D
ck lam said…
Nice dim sum...would love to try those that you had.
choi yen said…
Those dim sum look yummy~~
Waco said…
Dim sums are okay but the food is at expensive side.
Jason said…
The CCF looks good albeit a bit oily.
wmw said…
Do hope to meet you when I next go to Penang! ;O)
buzzingbee said…
wow, what a post, showing then and now! interesting!!
wished you were there that day. It was really buzzing with all the bloggers around!!
foodbin said…
I see that they have a varied menu to cater to all age group in these trying times.
CRIZ LAI said…
Err... I don't know to comment on FoodLoft or Ko-Fu-Loft now. LOL! Anyway, it's was a waste you were not there for the fun. :(
Babe_KL said…
darn, i shld hv walked in here for lunch last sun. we did a hit&run to Pg but schedule too tight to even eat anything outside the pre-planned itinerary let alone to meet up with you guys. perhaps next time :D