Home Cook Tai Lok Mein & Yee Mein

For the first time, mom cooked KL Hokkien Mee aka Tai Lok Mein. And, she fried lots of lots of lard oil just for this big plate of noodles.

What’s the different is others will fry with cabbage, where as mom will just use some green vegetables.

Apart from that, normally the stall will be giving you a bit of sambal belachan for the noodles, but mom’s style is she makes her own chili to accommodate the noodle. Which she has lots of garlics, red chilies and chilies padi and blend all together. Seasoned that with a pinch of salt and sugar and added lime or lemon and blend well.

That will give you a boost up!

Ingredients for the Tai Lok Mein –
1. egg noodles (use tap water to wash off the alkaline)
2. pork meat, cut into thin slices
3. prawns
4. squid, cut into bite size
5. green vegetables, wash and cut into 1 inch pieces
6. 100g pork fat, cut into cubes and fried till crispy (keep the oil)
7. 2 cups stock/water

First marinate the pork meat, squid & prawns with salt, pepper, sugar & sesame oil for half an hour. Heat up the work with a cup of oil, deep fry the pork fat that had cut into cube size. Once cooked, separate the lard and the oil, keep about 3 table spoons of oil in the wok, briefly stir the marinated meat & prawns and dish out leave aside.

Then after add garlic into the hot wok and stir till fragrant, add the yellow thick noodle and season with dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, sugar and oyster sauce. Add the meat, squid and prawns that earlier had cooked, add 2 cups of stock/water, cover with lid and bring it to boil for couple of minutes.

Last is to put the green vegetables and cook for awhile and dish out once done. You can add extra lard onto the noodle to have a special taste on it.

As for mom’s other specialty, that’s Yee Mein. Same method (except you don’t need to wash the noodle with tap water) and same ingredients, the only thing that mom did was she will pan fried the egg till it cooked and cut into thin slices and put it on top of the Yee Mein.

Both noodles best served with hot red chili!


choi yen said…
That's a very big bowl of pork lards!!!
Anonymous said…
simply sinful dai lok mee.....some more home cooked so nice lei!!!
Sugar Bean said…
Looks delicious, would love to try it out. Home cook is always better than outside food coz the ingredients used are always generous! ^^
Little Inbox said…
Not easy to cook for so many family members. :) I'm sure Auntie is happy looking all of you enjoying her home cooked food.
One of my favorite dish! yum yum
sakaigirl said…
wah, soo 'hang fok' with so many fried lards..nyum nyum!
allie said…
wah.. tai lok mee is my favourite leh! But I prefer KL version more... yours one also looks yummy! Can cook some for us ar? hehe
foodbin said…
fresh red, spicy homemade chillies-best.
email2me said…
Oh My! Though I am in KL, I still prefer home cook Tai Lok Mee and Yee Mee .... KL one all were over salty or oily. Chili wise, no one can compare with home made sambal especially like your version.
Jason said…
Agree! Best served with home made chilli!
Steven Goh said…
I love Lard Oil but I don't dare to eat too much for the health, but tai lok mein will not works without these. Btw, next time you should cook for us over the gathering dee.
food-4tots said…
Sounds sinful but tastes heavenly! Hehehe!
buzzingbee said…
wow never thought of attempting to cook tai lok mee at home. Your's look good!!! Thanks for sharing.