Chin Kang Hu Restaurant 真功夫美食館

When you’re running out of idea what to have for breakfast, you will tend to find other food or invade into other place for food.

Well, I am invading to Juru for food for today’s breakfast. If it’s not because of we are running out of places to have our breakfast, guess I won’t be that adventure to get into another town for food.

Juru or rather Bukit Tengah has developed a new township, where you could see lots of residential houses and shop houses around that area. And am sure people from Bukit Mertajam, Nibong Tebal will find food around this area.

It was a spontaneous decision to find food around this area, we never thought of driving all the way down here for food too… while we were looking around we saw this big sign board, opening on 9 July 2009 which is last Thursday. I believe it’s something new for us to try.

Without second thought, we walked in. Clean and simple decoration of 2 shop houses that made into 1, which make this place spacious and cater for more customers.

For breakfast, they are serving noodles like Koay Teow Th’ng and Hokkien Mee. For lunch they serve steam rice like mushroom chicken, garlic spicy chicken, minced pork, salted fish minced pork, etc.

Apart from the main dishes, they also have side dishes like steam grouper, chicken, bean sprout, vegetables, spring roll, lobak, fried fish ball, etc.

I believe they are not only cater to the surrounding residents but also Prai Industrial Estate Phase IV which is rather near to this township.

What we have for our 1st visit was a bowl of Hokkien Mee for hubby.

And I have a bowl of Dried KTT.

A plate of bean sprout as side dish as well as their famous lobak.

I would have to mention down here, perhaps they are new, the lobak is rather tiny and little for customers, wish they could improve on that.

I like the cup that they serve for hot drinks like white coffee, coffee, milo, holick, etc. Isn’t this cute?

I have a glass of hot longan… look at it the stirrer, isn’t it sexy?

Chin Kang Hu Restaurant 真功夫美食館
No. 32 & 34 Jalan Bayu Mutiara 1
Taman Bayu Mutiara
14000 Bukit Mertajam
Tel: +604-501 3318 / +604-501 3319
Fax: +604-501 3317

Contact Person: Queene Lee, Customer Service Supervisor
+6016-401 7938


buzzingbee said…
wahh go till Juru for breakfast??
looks like lots of such "cafe" are sprouting around this island!!
ck lam said…
Nice to see you exploring and sharing the makan places around that area with us.
Little Inbox said…
I don't really see any new food with their own recipe.
allenooi said…
is the food really can categorize as real kung fu?
♥peachkins♥ said…
love your blog..very interesting!
ai wei said…
this is in Msia??? lovely! there is oso the same name and the icon in china. wondering is this same as the one from china??? i din get to try this in china. >__<
worldwindows said…
Simple kopitiam fares but in better environment. This segment seems o be getter crowded.
cariso said…
The sexy stirrer and the cup . I was wondering how to match them with the name "chin kang hu" uh? :)
Big Boys Oven said…
wow is she smiling at me, and I feel so naked! lol!
Anonymous said…
Just went. Very dissapointment with the food. 'Lok Bah' is small and tiny with not much feeling. Photo shows steam rice fill till bowl but actual half of bowl only them and yet charge RM 5.80. I will not go next time. Ask around my colleague all of them will not go anymore.
Hi Buzzingbee, not that far la!

Hi CK, after awhile hiding in the hut, now it's time to explore around. Thanks for supporting me. :)

Hi Little Inbox, well, there's nothing belong to them.

Hi Allen, hahaha... what do you think leh?

Hi Peachkins, thanks for supporting.

Hi Ivy, yes it's in M'sia... am very sure this is not the China franchise. :)

Hi Worldwindows, you're right.

Hi Cariso, hahahaha... good question.

Hi BBO, hahahaha.... cool.

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the feedback. Probably you can drop a line to the Customer Service Supervisor.
Anonymous said…
Me & colleague after having lunch there all mentioned that WE WON'T GO THERE ANYMORE. My advice to all that planning to try at CHIN KANG HU, please RECONSIDER! Chin Kang Hu is Actually BOH KANG HU (no kungfu at all). I predict that after 1 month they sure close shop.
liangliang said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
24HrMom said…
I live in mainland... Bayu Mutiara is just about 15mins from my house. Yet... I never been there even once. :-D .. Thanks to you, guess, I could go there for breakfast this weekend. ;-) Any nice Dim Sum to recommend at mainland area ?
Hi Anonymous, understand your frustration, think you should highlight that to the Customer Service Supervisor.

Hi Phooi Kuan, taste bud is subjective. Glad you like their Dry Koay Teow.

Hi 24HrMom, long time no see. Nice Dim Sum? I know one in Chai Leng Park, near the Claypot Chicken Rice.
CW said…
Anonymous : Don't judge thing with their 1st look..1st time i went there things was just moderate..2nd time i went things are getting better.. so i am sure that they will improve from time to time and on top of that they are still new so plenty of room for improvement..
Penang People said…

In Hockien - "TOTALLY CANNOT GO!!!"

Portion is so small...
Lo Bak is lacking of proper growth... so tiny and small...

Spring roll - probably is the most smallest spring roll in Malaysia... or maybe can grab a record with Guiness.

The steam rice - is truly steam rice.. but I can finish it within 5-6 spoons - probably it serves the old folks market well....or maybe sick patient...

I foresee this shop to close down very soon... How to compete ???
BM Kia said…
Penang People, I totally agree with you!! You have spoken out the words in my mind! The renovation is ok but the most important thing is the food. After we order the lobak and steam rice, the food came, we all said that we have been cheated! the lobak can be called "miniature" lobak, I think also not enough for baby. Same as the steam rice, the bowl already so small, but still the rice is half bowl only.
If Chin Kang Hu wanna do long term business, they better improve. If not, they sure bye bye.
lengsinai said…
well,i had been there for few times.lobak had been improved!!steam rice is nice to eat but...if i can get extra 3 spoons rice ....
perfect!! to my opinion,chinkanghu
still has space to improve!kambatte!
Yten said…
The chinkanghu rice is very daintiness~ Hei everyone you must go to try~! I guarantee you~
liangliang said…
lengsinai:u r kong hu lang ka?yes i agreed wat u said..i been there few times, CKH have improved a lot lo..
Penang People said…
All - I will put a try this weekend to verify if it is Chin Kang Hu or "Hok" Kang Hu.
LurvXsSinger said…
it's fantastic!!!the food was delicious and the service is the best i had ever seem!!the workers are kind and full of politeness..
They seem like know Kung Fu..i wonder who is the master..haha anyway Chin Kang Hu had brought me a vy good impression..
i'll fully support u Chin Kang Hu and hope that ur business is always that good =)
lengsinai said…
liangliang:i'm not kong hu lang,but i realy a lengsinai.2day i go CKH again 2 enjoy my lunch.i found that i get the extra 3 spoons rice!!!"man sui!CKH"
For those who not yet try the foods in CKH, arrange your kids said they had found a satisfied restaurant !!
Anonymous said…
i doubt some comments. am not satisfied at all with CKH, i recommend BUDDY2 @ Autocity! free flow rice, u want 3 spoon? u get 3 plates!

from autocity makan kaki!
Penang People said…
I have tried Chin Kang Hu again yesterday. My comment = portion increased, but the taste is just so so.... I don't see any real improvement, except a slight improved portion on the rice. Other than that, it would close down very soon, the most to last for the next 9 months.
Kaexi said…
I.m so angry, my bruce lee character design was illegal used by this restaurant...I really disappointed why the designer can simply used other's ppl design and applied into his design...I really want to know who is the designer for the restaurant!
Anonymous said…
Pretty cool place you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.