Friend's Noodle Café 六誼餛飩麵茶飲中心

When we had our breakfast in Chin Kang Hu the other day, we spotted another shop which is selling noodle and rice next to them.

We both were agreeing to come back here again for the this shop… and here we are.

The shop is rather simple, chairs and tables lining up for the space maximization. Kitchen is open, and simple setup. A stall that placed all the noodles like any other Wan Ton Mee stall.

Since we are new to this place, we just being conservative and order something that is familiar to us.

Hubby was having a plate ordinary Wan Ton Mee…. Char siew, bean sprouts and some greens. Hubby was complaining that the Char Siew is rather dry. He finds that any stalls in Penang island is some how better than this.

I was having a plate of Curry Chicken Noodle, of which noodle is basically is Wanton Mee but added Curry Chicken and bean sprouts. Noodle was not springy at all, and taste was too bland.

Both plates of noodles are complimentary with a bowl of wanton soup… only miserable 2 wantons.

However, am sure there’s always some space for improvement. Shall visit them again, of course not so soon.


Anonymous said…
even though char siew is not the main ingredient in wanton mee....but good char siew makes the wanton mee perfect.....sadly the char siew you had was dry...
J2Kfm said…
looks kinda pathetic though.
Little Inbox said…
How much the meal cost you?
Big Boys Oven said…
hmmmm not as good as we think!
Duckie said…
didn't sound too good eh ..
choi yen said…
The noodle look soggy, is it?
Mayzi said…
I been to this shop before, i think somewhere in last week with gym member.For me the food is pretty good, noodles we had was not soggy wor but rather springy. The curry chicken is good too. All of us was very happy with the food and price is

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