Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant 玉宮海鮮酒樓

Jade Palace is the place where my dad used to bring us when we’re small. From City Bayview Hotel to now in Choo Plaza, we’ve been patronizing them and this is also the place for us to host our guest for dinner or lunch.

Used to be a very famous place for many business associates, am sure right now also.

Recent Father’s Day we had a family lunch down there which is organized by my sister-in-law. To all of us we were pretty disappointed with the food quality and the surrounding too. Seriously a renowned restaurant like this, honestly need some proper maintenance, the room that we were there was a bit stinking.

We have Peking Duck for a start… it has to wrap with a fresh spring onion, cucumber and some Hoisin sauce for the duck skin. This food is rather famous in many restaurants, and it used to be their signature dish.

The duck meat will be stirred fry with spring onions, ginger and celery as a second dish.

Special Homemade Beancurd with Steamed Egg White & Mince Seafood (玉带豆腐) is a simple dish, best for toddler and old people. It’s always best to served with steam rice.

Deep Fried Kailan is not only Thai Food specialty but also Chinese Restaurant’s food too. This is seriously disappointing lots of us, cuz, it’s very oily.

Stewed Pork-rib ala Jade Palace served with Buns (红烤招排骨) is my father-in-law’s favourite. This must have been cooked for sometime, the meat is tender and juicy. They also added some fried mantau (deep fried bun) for sauce dipping.

Cantonese Steam Cod Fish can never go wrong, unless the fish is not fresh, right?

Last … assorted fruits to end the lunch that we treated our father-in-law.

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Address & Contact Number
Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant
3F Choo Plaza
No 41 Abu Sitee Lane
10400 Penang
Tel: +604-227 5758 / +604-227 57 59
Fax: +604-227 5755

Business hours:
12.00 noon - 3pm
6pm - 10.30pm


Waco said…
There is another Jade Garden in Sungai Petani. Never visit Abu Siti lane's one before but SP one looks like a branch for me. Their cooking style almost the same. That's also my usual place for Father day. The place also stinky after operating for years. Now renovated a bit. We like to order baby roasted pork (烧猪仔).
ck lam said…
Have not visited this restaurant for a long long time.
Little Inbox said…
Only go there for the wedding invitations for both Jade Palace and Jade Garden.
email2me said…
Jade Palace is always famous for their banquet dishes.
cariso said…
Peking duck definitely is their signature dish! but frankly so far I have yet to find Deep Fried Kailan which is not oily though.
PenangTuaPui said…
hmm.... wat to do.. to maintain a restaurant is not as easy as we can think of...

we .. who like to eat.. need to wish them and support them with our comments to help them to make it a better place.... at least for us(who eat a lot)... :P
Big Boys Oven said…
those slices of peking duck skin look so inviting and so wanting to be anyone's mouth, just pure indulgence!
superwilson said…
The peking duck looked excellently delicious... so do the cod fish
buzzingbee said…
I guess it's hard to maintain food business here as there's so many other restaurants sprouting up recently!!
Steven Goh said…
Wah... not visited this place for long time liao, usually got big occasion or suppliers belanja only go, else head down if drag from pocket.
worldwindows said…
Stinky? The food must be really good! Seriously the Peking Duck has the killer looks...
erinalaw said…
We were there last month for my MIL birthday. Food was very dissapointed. They gave us cod fish and prawns with are not fresh. Fried Rice and the vegetables are so oily. Very dissapointing. We ended up only finish 50% of each dish. Wasted too
Food For Tots said…
What a sumptious Father's Day lunch! I luv the Peking Duck.
shushi Naples said…
wow very nice .. This is an excellent restaurant, although it has absolutely no windows. But this is rather typical for a Chinese eatery. The decor is cheap and tacky, but one come here for the food, which is really good. There are over 100 dishes on the menu and the chef still claims he can cook anything Chinese one wants.Iam very happy..

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