Kozue Japanese Restaurant

Gurney Plaza has now come up with a lot eatery shops, down from Chinese to Japanese, you could see lots of these outlet full of customers.

When you see there are many eatery shops out there and you tend to list it down for your own, and Kozue is one of them in the list.

Rather a small place that next to Kim Gary in Gurney Plaza, but it can house a few tables of customers. And was told it has built up solid regular customers since day 1 they opened. From all these recommendations, am sure they serve quality food.

All these while I either have sushi or sashimi, but this time I have something different and I opted for Pork Sukiyaki. Not many people like Sukiyaki, probably it tastes too sweet, but down here is slightly less sweet and the ingredients that they served are basically generous.

A Tempura Bento was served with steam rice, cawanmushi, salad, miso soup and fruits.

Teriyakki Salmon Bento was appetizing too.

I had order a Salmon Sandwich as well… it’s something different and unique. And I saw mostly tables will have a plate of this too. I guess it’s one of the famous dish to order.

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Address & Contact Number
Kozue Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: +604-226 9336


ck lam said…
Somehow I tend to miss ordering the Pork Sukiyaki...will sure to try it out after reading it in your post :)
Sugar Bean said…
The salmon sandwich definitely looks new! Looks good, did you enjoy it? Looks like a good restaurant for good Japanese restaurant!
Little Inbox said…
This is a rather small Sukiyaki. Read here for the Sukiyaki in Iran. :)
Anonymous said…
salmon sandwich...really special and the deco looks nice also
Unknown said…
I enjoy the foods there. I still have my other visits in my draft folder. ^-^
email2me said…
This place seems to be grabbing lots of flogger attentions. Must go test power to see how powderful they are. hehehe
allie said…
I'm hunting for Jap food :)
Thanks for the info!
Babe_KL said…
I’ve announced this year’s Merdeka Open House theme. Do take some time to participate ;-). Thanks.
worldwindows said…
I enjoyed salmon esp smoked. The sandwich looks incredible!
choi yen said…
Why the bento set didn't served in a bento box? :P
ai wei said…
salmon in the sandwich? something new to me! penang lots of good food e.
Big Boys Oven said…
wow this is a place to be to dine japanese! cool recommendation!
buzzingbee said…
still have not give this outlet a try yet. looks like it's recommended by many!
Hi CK, plan to go back again??

Hi Sugar Bean, yes, I do enjoy that. Something different.

Hi Little Inbox, about the Iran Sukiyaki, you were physically there to taste it?  BTW, that’s the normal size in M’sia.

Hi Simple Girl, yup, indeed!

Hi Food Paradise, so, what are you waiting for?? Post then. :)

Hi email2me, hahahahha… well, I shall wait for your post then.

Hi allie, no problem…

Hi Babe_KL, ok noted. Thanks.

Hi worldwindows, smoked salmon is too salty for me… though I like but not really fancy about it.

Hi mimid3vils, because the table is kinda small lor. :P

Hi ai wei, yup, bingo… salmon in the sandwich.

Hi BBO, hehehehe… thanks!

Hi Buzzingbee, list this down in your makan list. :)
24HrMom said…
Wow... new Jap restaurant. I wonder if they have shabu shabu. and wonder what is the price look like.
Was there last week. Great restaurant with great Japanese food!

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