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Bee’s Home Café – a very nice name. But when you come to think of it, Bee’s Home isn’t it call Bee Hives?

Well, don’t ever look down on this little bee’s hive that am going to share… it’s a place full of honey and lots of good food.

Why would I say so?! I used to have sleeping disorder problem… and have been having this problem since schooling time. But after taking the honey that is locally extracted in Malacca, honestly, now I have quality sleep. Well, the person in charge will advise which type of honey to consume… different type of honey for different type of problems. For boosting your memory, Propolis Honey is the one that he recommended; Royal Honey is the one for easing your sleep.

Apart from Honey, food there is reasonably cheap and tasty.

I remember I read J2Kfm’s post before that they have Sharon’s Laksa. That actually caught my attention. And that was my main reason to check out this place.

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It’s a quiet place for meal, small but pleasant. A small corner displays all the types of bees, and also some honey that extracted from these. And out there, they have man made pool, fountain, etc. it’s a nice place to hang around with friends.

When I looked thru the menu, basically it’s variety to choose, and prices are reasonable also.

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 015a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 014a
What I have was Sharon’s Laksa, but what puzzle me was, it comes with 2 rolls of deep fried bean curd skin for you to dip into the soup. It’s totally different from Penang, huh?

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 017a
Hubby has Stir Fry Lou Shu Fun. He said it’s very fragrant and the taste is up to his expectation.

2009_09_26 Bee's Home 007a 2009_09_26 Bee's Home 001a
When you’re in such place, of course you’ll have their honey drink. Right?

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Address & Contact Number
No. 48, Laluan Ipoh Perdana
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605-547 3101

Opening hours

Everyday from 3pm-11pm.
Opens from 12pm onwards on weekends.
Closes on Tuesdays.


foodbin said…
all the food looks good and tempting.
choi yen said… honey...sweet sweet ya :)
Anonymous said…
i've tried the honey so only..but lor shu fun is good , and big portion too!!
Little Inbox said…
Yup, how could one miss the honey drink, right?
Steven Goh said…
bee home? sound like home to ah bee's place. I wonder if she knows about this place.
ai wei said…
they are so tempting!!! laksa o laksa... the gastric juice secreting non stop now
cariso said…
Shall jot this down on my hunting list for my next Ipoh trip.
email2me said…
Added to my hit list for Ipoh makan trip ....
Hi Foodbin, ya ya ya, no doubt about it.

Hi mimid3vils, hehehehe… of course!

Hi Simple Girl, their honey is good. If you purchase above RM100 and you’re staying outstation, they can courier the honey to you without extra charges.

Hi Little Inbox, ya lor!! How could one miss it!

Hi Steven, hahaha… good point! Check it with Ah Bee then!

Hi Ivy, hahahaha… you’re cute!

Hi Cariso & email2me, hope to see you sharing one day.
buzzingbee said…
eh Bee's home!!! How come I didn't know about it?? Haha
yes, very nice name for a cafe :P
when is the next food trip??? I wanna go to this place

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