Fun Tea Garden

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 056a

It was indeed an honor invitation from Criz to celebrate his 2nd blogniversary on 18 December 2009, a fun gathering, lucky draw for invited guests, and also variety of food tasting too. It’s basically variety of dim sum and also noodle tasting.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 060 (steam)

Variety down from steam items like siu mai, har kau, and many other more.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 059 (Fried)

Apart from steam items, we were also served the pan fried, baked or deep fried items like, prawn fritters, and egg tarts, spring rolls, many others more.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 049a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 041a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 040a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 048a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 044a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 045a

How could we miss out Chinese bun as in Bao in Dim Sum, right? We were served the normal Char Siu Bao (Barbeque Pork Bun), Pork Bun, and Fermented Pork Bun (南乳包).

As mentioned noodle tasting is also part of the anniversary celebration, thus a couple of fried noodle were served… and the clicking sound from the cameras could be heard from one to another.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 026a

First was served the Penang so called ‘Hokkien Char’. It was tasty and delicious, with their specially made sambal chili, it’s a heavenly match.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 028a

Followed by Crispy Noodle, Cantonese called this Sang Mee. First they will deep fried the noodle and then pour the sautéed sauce on the crispy noodle.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 032a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 031a

Apart from the above mentioned, Fried Yee Mee is their signature.

In fact, I find that all the noodles are their signature. Why then? Reason is simple, and with only one reason! Basically what makes this noodle flavourful and tasty it’s the wok heat, otherwise, you would not be able to taste such a good fried noodle.

2009_12_18 Tea Garden 053a 2009_12_18 Tea Garden 051a

Even the next noodle that served is just a simple Char Hor Fun, and it’s honestly delicious.

This gathering not only celebrates 2nd anniversary, but also a gathering for all the bloggers. A gathering that forge bloggers unity, exchange ideas in terms of photo shooting, context of food post, etc.

Before I end this post, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year... those that travelling, drive safely!

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Gourmet Garden
Food Promotions
All About Penang Food
Steven Goh
Eating Pleasure
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Cariso Delicacies Corner
Cokeworld Citizen

Address & Contact Number
No. 150 & 152, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong
10100 Penang
Tel: +6013-421 1274 (Danny Ooi)

Business Hour:
Dim Sum: 7.30am to 6.00am (Closed on Thursday)
Economy Rice: 5.30pm to 3.00am (Closed on Thursday)
GPS: 5.414822, 100.332148


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You are fast. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy your holiday. ^-^
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merry christmas and happy 2010!!!
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The fried yee mee looks like a bit burnt?
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Compliments of the season! Gosh girl, you really know how to make someone hungry!