Isaribi Tei

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Apart from Ivy’s Kitchen, I have not really explored the area – Burmah Square; and I’ve heard so much about Isaribi Tei from friends and colleagues, this is only my very 1st visit.

Probably some high expectation from what I’ve heard, thus the food expectation was slightly disappointed me. To conclude it, just visit the place without any expectation probably that will make oneself more happy.

Another reason could be the kitchen is closing at the required time, thus, the quality is way below the standard that had set. However, I am keeping this for another chance; at least I don’t ban it without justice. [wink]

2010_02_27 Isaribi 015a

What could it be went wrong if you have a Sashimi for lunch? Shouldn’t it be, right? With RM25-00 per set, which I believe is reasonably affordable. Anyway, here comes my simple set of Sashimi that consists with Miso Soup, Pickles, Salad and a bowl of Japanese Steamed Rice. The assorted raw fishes that sitting on the Sashimi boat that would attract any of the gluttons.

2010_02_27 Isaribi 023a

For the conservative one would rather go for a Terriyaki Chicken (RM16) which only serves with Miso Soup, Japanese Steamed Rice and Pickles.

2010_02_27 Isaribi 019a

Talking about conservative… we have something extra on the table and a plate of deep fried prawns which Japanese named it Tempura Prawns that’s making one finger licking good. That’s definitely passed their quality standards. The prawns are fresh and juicy. And it absolutely was making one of us non-stop of having it.

2010_02_27 Isaribi 031a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 029a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 027a 2010_02_27 Isaribi 010a

This place is rather cozy in a way, if you plan to have a small gathering with friends, perhaps this isn’t a bad place for that purpose.

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Address & Contact Number
60-62 Chow Thye Road
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-229 8684


Little Inbox said…
Haha...I don't take sashimi one, Teriyaki chicken suits me more.
Christina Kim said…
Awww, so sad...I used to like this place...maybe they have deteriorated in standard?
I agree that the ambience was definitely worth a visit ;)
Hi Little Inbox, Oh, I didn’t know you don’t take sashimi…

Hi Christy, I honestly don’t know but it was pretty disappointed.
Steven Goh said…
the ambiance is nice leh.... so sad that the standard deteriorated.
Big Boys Oven said…
I adore shashime. any fresh flown ones???
choi yen said…
A very comfortable place to dine in~~
Anonymous said…
Bad Experience i ever had!!
The service provided by the Japanese owner was so bad!!!
He will shut down the light after 10pm no matter his customer had already finish their dish or not, and he just said : we r close.

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