Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant 歡喜地茶餐廳

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Franchise business is now an upcoming trend for many young entrepreneur, you could see many malls out there has many franchise outlets, the famous one are Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Dome, KFC, McDonald, Laksa Shack, etc. Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant (歡喜地茶餐廳) is an upcoming one right now, they claimed they are the fast leading Asian Fast Food Restaurant and was established in July 2004, within the 6 years, it was from 1 out to now many outlets, even 1 in Jakarta too.

Food that offers are basically typical Hong Kong specialties, like cheese baked rice, noodles, fried rice, fried noodles and assorted drinks. Food & Tea has opened its door in Gurney Plaza for some time, it’s located in 3rd floor, it occupied from a disc shop which has closed down sometime last year.

From the menu, they have food that is recommended by their chef and also the best selling items. And please be reminded, whatever stated with the best selling items, are easily sold out within the business hour.

I have encountered this problem when I dined yesterday, if the staff are well trained to give their customers a head-up, perhaps the customer could avoid some disappointment in ordering food.

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Wax Meat Carrot Cake (RM3-20)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 001a

Claypot Minced Meat “Teng Chai” Porridge (RM6-60)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 018a

Stir Fried Udon Noodle with Prawns (RM9-30)

2010_04_11 Food and Tea 010a 2010_04_11 Food and Tea 015a

Lotus Seed and White Fungus dessert (RM3-10)

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Apple Green Tea (RM4-90)

Address & Contact Number
Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant
2nd Floor Gurney Plaza
Tel: +604-226 3488


Unknown said…
hmm..... it's been quite sometime I did not drop by gurney plaza. Seems add lots of different foods outlet there. ^-^ Thanks for sharing!
Hi Food Paradise, there should be something new come out pretty soon. I think there will be a new outlet occupying old Manila Place's unit. Manila Place is shifting out from their unit to the new wing.
foodbin said…
apple/green tea! how is the taste?
Hi Foodbin, to me is rather weird, but hubby likes it. So, it's kinda subjective.
Little Inbox said…
It's been so long that I didn't patronize this place. Time to go lepak-lepak.
Big Boys Oven said…
wow such a well captured food outing, lovely. can just make me salivating now! :)
Jason Wong said…
This is the second outlet in Penang apart from the one in Bandar Perda's Jusco. They actually started from Johor and move up to KL then Penang.

They have a consultant from Hong Kong who is assisting them.
email2me said…
The wax meat carrot cake looks good!
erinalaw said…
Ya, agreed with you. They staff are not well train so I got dissapointed when my first time there. Food is good but the staff are not really good.
Lingzie said…
i didn't have a very good first experience at this place last month. all our food came except one dish... waited and waited, they finally served us but it was the wrong dish! then wait some more... plus we found the food that we tried so-so only. :(
Taufulou said…
see the loh pak kou..drool~
Anonymous said…
I have tried this place twice. Your pictures actually made it look much better than it really was.

Both times the food was disappointing and the staff not well trained at all. Just a tip: Better choice would be to head up to Level 7 for Max Gourmet which serves much yummier similar food and efficient service.

Chicago Ribs will occupy Manila Place's unit.
cariso said…
Is it the same one last time located at Bandar Perda Jusco?
J2Kfm said…
Personally, I liked their food way back when I had them at the outlet in Times Square, beside the cineplex. Then when it came to Ipoh, initially they were okay. Then slowly, the quality of the food dwindled.
Now, I only go when there's nothing else in Jusco to be chosen. Which is ... rather often. haha ...
Hi Little Inbox, lepak liao boay?

Hi BBO, hahahaha

Hi Jason, a consultant from Hong Kong to assist them? I wonder did the consultant ever advise them to give their customers some attentive service?

Hi email2me, it was just so-so only.

Hi Erina, long time no see… glad you’re back in blogsphere. The selective food are good, but not all. The staff are plainly lazy to attend to customers, that’s what I observed.

Hi Lingzie, that’s very disappointing.

Hi Taufulou, ok nia.

Hi Anonymous, Level 7 has closed down in fact, that’s why we are headed to this place.

Hi Cariso, yes, you’re right.

Hi J2Kfm, fast food like this, it’s hard to maintain seriously. Staff come and go and it’s hard to retain them, unless benefits are attractive. But how attractive would that be, right? Food has to change every now and then to capture the customers, otherwise, it’s hard to maintain.
Anonymous said…
There's no way I'd go to this restaurant again.
The first time I went, everything was just fine, the environment-ok, services-ok, food-ok & price-ok.

But then, the second was so disappointing!
They served us cold fried rice.
What was that!? Is fried rice supposed to be cold?
We complaint to the waitress and what they did was, put it into the microwave to heat it up.
Because I took a bite, when the rice was served to me again, it was the same bowl.

So, boo this place.
Anonymous said…
The French Toast was so disgusting...
They sticked a big pile of butter in it. Are they trying to kill us?!
Unknown said…
went there for meal today,it was an awful experience,and i'll never go again.first impression is all the chairs are dirty,food was poorly,staff's sService is damn rubbish,no manners,no smilling,they just walking round the restaurant and talking with their colleague and don't e even
Unknown said…
it not worth to paid 10% sService charge cos their sService is totally rubish