Sushi Kappo Miyasaka 宮坂割烹

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 044a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 048a

I fell in love with this place and had visited them continuously for 2 weeks. What makes me have such drastic reaction? Not because of their ambience in the surrounding, but the food that is captured my heart completely.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 006a

It was basically like love at first sight kind of feeling. And that feeling really makes you feel like seeing them every now and then and once you don’t see them you will miss them. It’s the exact feeling that I have after my 1st visit.

Don’t understand?? Never mind… let me elaborate more. This is a 5 year old Japanese Restaurant, the chef is the owner of the restaurant, the place is simple and doesn’t have the exclusive deco in the restaurant, and even the food menu is simple yet extensive. The chef was the head chef from many renowned 5 star hotels in town. You bet the food must be authentic; in fact, it gives me many surprises when we first came last week.

Even the salad dressing is definitely different from many places, what’s the different is they are using Wafu Dressing for the salad, and it definitely gives us a refreshing kind of feeling.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 012a

Some sets are come with salad, chawanmushi and ice cream. What’s other serves on Miso Soup was merely tofu, but what Sushi Kappo Miyasaka surprises us was Miso Soup with Clams cooked in it. It even makes the soup tastier.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 029a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 030a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 034a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 037a

Chicken Seiro Gohan (RM30), that’s what we have for our 1st visit. It’s a chopped grilled chicken laid on finely chopped egg with underneath steamed rice. This set is served in a dim-sum basket, and that’s the 2nd surprises that we have for the visit.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 016a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 017a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 018a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 022a

I couldn’t resist but keep having a few spoons from this little basket. Yet, I have this Tempura Soba (RM26) which is definitely makes me mouthwatering. Soup base is clear and it tastes sweet. I just can’t believe the prawn tempura isn’t oily at all, and it’s crunchy.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 052a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 053a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 065a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 064a

Followed the next visit recently, I have another surprises from Mayasaka-san. This time, I indulged myself the Kaisen Don 海鮮丼 (RM48). When served, I saw an art on the platter; it really makes me feel so happy and excited to have this. Looking at the prawn that lined on the assorted sashimi, I just couldn’t believe it could be just so beautiful.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 055a

This time what serves on the Miso Soup isn’t Clams anymore but some vegetables like onions and eggplant. That makes the soup healthier and tastier. I’d just loved the creative idea that the chef had in these foods.

2010_04_24 Miyasaka 057a 2010_04_24 Miyasaka 063a

Unagi Seiro Gohan (RM35), same as Chicken Seiro Gohan way of serving. And it’s definitely gives many unagi lovers the best satisfaction.

With so many surprises, that has proven what our friend had told us before, we should pay a visit to Sushi Kappo Miyasaka, cuz, it will not let us down.

Truly recommended place for Japanese food lovers!

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Address & Contact Number
宮坂割烹 Sushi Kappo Miyasaka
No. 397, Burmah Road
10350 Penang
Tel/Fax: +604-2266 251

Business Hour
11am to 2.30pm
6pm to 11pm
Closed on Sunday


ck lam said…
I sure am hungry looking at those food and your photos are great!
Hi CK, me too!! I just love this place!!!
choi yen said…
great shots!!! Japanese food served in a dim sum basket, cool~~
Christina Kim said…
Wow, lovely place...everything looks great and clean! Your photos are just so descriptive and tempting, LOL! =)
Hi mimid3vils, thanks! creative hor?

Hi Christy, thank you thank you... I am still thinking about the food there. :D
Big Boys Oven said…
yet another great score of beautiful pictures and great food, love almost everything! :)
Little Inbox said…
Wow, the food must be really good, can't wait to try it.
minchow said…
Been a while since I've been back -last visit the food took forever to arrive, but when it did, it was exquisite!! I guess they're definitely not letting up on the quality but can't imagine the attention to detail to go down well with diners in a hurry!
Steven Goh said…
wah... the food makes me mouth watery. I haven't been there before even the shop has been there for very long time dee.
~Christine~Leng said…
great photos! and it's time for some Japanese fix! hehe.
J2Kfm said…
Wait, this on Burmah Road? Never seemed to notice. And for such a long time nia?

I applaud the chef's creativity in terms of presentation and ingredients.
Unknown said…
wah... foods look yummy and make me hungry at this hour after looking at this photos . ^-^
Babe_KL said…
gosh yr pics so vivid dat i wanna hop in and have a bite! haha
email2me said…
OMG! Must visit liao this place!

nice photos, nice food, nice ambiance .... perfect!
cariso said…
I saw the post before on newspaper (interview with the boss) and I guess since now you have the verdict, I am confident enough to go and try out soon!
My Food Fetish said…
We first tried Sushi Kappo Miyasaka about I think more than five years ago and it has been our all time favourite restaurant for authentic Japanese cuisine :)
Hi BBO, thank you.

Hi Little Inbox, yes!! Damn good!!

Hi minchow, was it that bad? But I had a good experience down there, and I’d just love the food there.

Hi Steven, if you plan to visit, better visit soon, I heard the price hike up.

Hi Christine, thank you!!

Hi J2Kfm, yes, Burmah Road. Same row as Baskin Robins, Yatamura, Sawara, Teo Chew Ming & Domino Pizza.

Hi Food Paradise, I miss the food very very very much!! Told ya, it’s like falling in love with the food.

Hi Babe_KL, how I wish you’re here. It’s damn good! But mind you, is pricey too!

Hi email2me, thanks for the compliment!

Hi Cariso, seriously, no regret, just give it a try!!

Hi My Food Fetish, now it has become my all time favourite Japanese restaurant.
allenooi said…
looks pricey...... although i love japanese food.
Anonymous said…
does these food halal or not?
Hi Allenooi, yes, it's a bit pricey, but the food is superb!

Hi Annonymous, my apology, I can't recall is it Halal.
Jim Foo said…
Hey guys, i know the owners, they are really Japanese from Japan, not some fake shit from Sushi King.

So go and try if you haven't, you wont regret it.

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