Chicago Rib House

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The first Chicago Rib House was first established in Auto City Juru has closed down, it has opened its new wing in Gurney Plaza instead. One I could think of the stream of people that flowing into the mall is obviously better than Auto City and second the power of spending is some how greater in Penang compared to mainland.

But it’s sad to see good places like that moving out to the island but can’t sustain in mainland. I honestly wonder how would other business lifelong business years in mainland or rather in Penang. I tend to see good restaurant closing down, those that I’d tried and even posted before.

Anyway, good to have good rib restaurant in town, from the BBQ Rib that was previously located along Burmah Road has closed down, honestly I can’t find any good rib restaurant anymore. Of course, with Chicago Rib House open its wing in Gurney Plaza is definitely a good news for all the ribs lovers.

I actually don’t have to boast about how good their food is or how attentive the service is… in actual fact, they are simply good. Since we can’t have Tony Romas down in town, even we have we can’t have anything non-halal. So, what can I ask for more then, right??

It was a Mother’s Day festive that day, all mothers are given a glass of free cocktail. But I wasn’t one, thus we were given a sweets. Well, that’s tiny little token that warmth your heart. Well, I was touched.

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Probably is their opening promotion, if you order 2 main entrée you will have a deep fried mushroom for free (RM10-90).

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Grill Blackened Catch (RM18-90) – fresh catch of the day grilled with blackened seasoning and served with French fries and fresh vegetables.

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St Louis Pork Ribs – pork ribs basted with Original and Red Hot BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of two sides. Half Rack (RM30-90), Full Rack (RM45-90).

These two are absolutely finger licking good and it makes you come back for more. If you ain’t any meaty person, best to share with your buddies.

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I always like the gigantic sky juice that they serve. Isn’t it huge?

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Ocean Breeze and my all time favourite Shirley Temple (RM8-90), is best to drink on such hot day!!

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Address & Contact Number
Chicago Rib House
Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: +604-2290 763


uLi.佑莉 said…
Can see the ribs is awesome!
ck lam said…
The food portion is large too. Definitely will drop by for a meaty dinner.
Little Inbox said…
I'm so mouth-watering just by looking at the ribs.
My Food Fetish said…
I have heard nothing but good reviews about the ribs here. I must try this next! :)
Big Boys Oven said…
wow! I want Chicago Ribs!
George Winiarski said…
We love the ribs and have dined here once a month for over a year. However our visit last night was a disappointment because of the change in atmosphere. Being a musician and having been born and raised in Chicago, I feel the music in a restaurant such as this should be mellow. Maybe some Chicago blues in keeping with the theme, but at least jazz. Instead there was very loud, cheap popular music blaring, which turned a night out for us to let's get out. I'll certainly take a listen before entering again.

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