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2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 018a

All these years our wedding anniversary will be spent in Feringghi Grill in Rasa Sayang, and we both always take it for granted that we do not need to make any reservation. But this time, we were wrong, cuz, for that particular day, the place is full, the only open table for us is at 9.45pm. Should you think we could stay on up to the time mentioned? Guess you and I would have collapsed due to hunger.

Though it was a bit disappointing that we both didn’t get to have our anniversary spent in Feringghi Grill like last year, thus, we both drove down further to Parkroyal and thought of trying our luck whether Tiffin is available.

Then come next disappointment, Tiffin is closed for good. Then left Tamarind Brasserie which is their coffee house for us to consider, with that much of disappointment within that few minutes, we both decided to turn our way back, heading back to town for our meal. That really sound pathetic isn’t it. But truly was pathetic… we can’t get to spend our time on our anniversary on our favourite restaurant, can imagine how upset were we.

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While driving back, hubby was suggesting why don’t we go back to Vintage Bulgaria, after all, what we have eaten there have not been posted. And that was a year ago where all the Penang Bloggers get-together.

With that suggestion, we both decided to hop in without hesitation.

The last visit in 15 August, we were given a menu to choose from, they were –

2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 058a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 054a

Bulgarian Pork Djolan, traditional roasted pork knuckle (RM50-00)

2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 023a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 027a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 026a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 024a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 057a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 046a

Chicken Stroganov, boneless chicken drumstick cut into strips, cooked with mushrooms, wine, cream, herbs & spices (RM34-00)

2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 066a

Bulgarian Platter, mixed grill trio of kebapche, kyofte, karnatche (Vintage Bulgaria own traditional recipe of in-house homemade Bulgaria sausages) and succulent pork fillet

2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 056a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 049a

Plodiv Ribs, tasty pork ribs grilled till tender

2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 028a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 030a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 052a

Baked Cod Fish with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (RM48-00)

And much of yearning, we thought we made a different choice in order our food for our anniversary. With much anticipation, thought I could post something different on Vintage Bulgaria, only now I realize, we were ordering the same food when the 4th blogger gathering was offered. [grin]

Anyway, that would not stop me from posting it right? The food presentation is slightly different from what we had a year ago, and in fact, a year ago, these were not our choice of food.

But what makes me remember this place and keep recommending to friends and colleagues were the desserts and the pork knuckle. That’s something unique and should not be missed.

2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 043a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 039a

Looks like I am putting lots of recommendation on these 2 items, uh?? Anyway, soup wise, you can’t miss these two, that is Mushroom Soup that served with “Vintage” garlic bread and their Seafood Soup. Both are equally fragrant and you could see the usage of ingredients is definitely enough to make the soup tasty.

2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 082a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 084a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 090a

Last year gathering we were given other dessert like Cream Cheese Mousse Cake, Oreo Cheese Cake and Chocolate Brownies, it was a courtesy treats from Winter Butterfly Homemade Cakes.

Another courtesy treats was from Gelatissimo, Italy gelato … with much desserts that end the flogger gathering, I would have to say, it was a successful one.

2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 017a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 016a

For this evening, we thought we had have something different from a year ago, but it was the same, it’s only the food presentation was different. And also we added this Shopska Salad (RM15-00), which is the most popular Bulgarian salad, and named after Shopi people of Bulgaria who created the first recipe. This salad consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, topped with feta cheese and traditional dressing. Seriously, it’s honestly refreshing.

2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 003a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 005a 2010_05_28 Vintage Bulgaria 032a

Drink wise, we have Bryan’s Mocktail (RM11-00), Homemade Lemonade (RM9-00) and Shirley Temple (RM12-00) which is on the house. Reason was due to I made a complaint about the Oven Roast Cod Fish was too salty to consume, they felt sorry and given me a glass of Shirley Temple. That shows that they are treating customers’ with appreciation mind.

2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 097a 2009_08_15 Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant 094a

Oh yes, how can I forget the dessert... Chocolate Soup and Chocolate Creme Brulee

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Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar
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11200 Tanjong Bungah
Tel: +604-898 1890
Fax: +604-898 2890

Business Hour:
3pm to 12am (Monday to Friday)
12pm to 12am (Saturday & Sunday)

Happy Hour:
3pm to 7pm (Monday to Friday)
12pm to 7pm (Saturday & Sunday)


Little Inbox said…
Happy Anniversary!
Well, I don't think both hubby and I can take such "pork" meal these days.
uLi.佑莉 said…
All yummy Bulgarian foods! Nice~
Anonymous said…
wow, indeed a rich dinner! happy anniversary!
Big Boys Oven said…
wow! did you taste all of those food, sure yummy! :)
My Food Fetish said…
Happy Anniversary. Too bad you didn't get to dine at FG. We crave their Queen’s Cut Roast Prime Rib everytime we think about FG. :)
jason said…
Happy Belated Anniversary!
Ken Wong said…
Happy Anniversary!

When I was there, they said they don't serve ice water by the glass. You know what they serve???


After that, I decided I can spend my money elsewhere! hehehe...
ck lam said…
Happy Anniversary! The food looks good :)

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