Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant

** Sri Malaya has stopped operation **
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Lately Penang has a lot of those cafés popping up in town, especially in UNESCO area. It gives many of us and even the tourist the choice of food and also a place for relaxing our mind.

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I’ve found a few in Penang, though time is always a problem to compromise, despite heavy work load. But am proud to see more and more this energetic young people came out to invent into this. Sri Malaya is one of them, a few good friends joint venture into this café business and decorated the entire place beautiful and pleasant. In fact, many of the furniture down there are basically old furniture but with their dedicated mind and finger, they turn each of these furniture into what it is now.

I would have to give them a big applause for their creativity and dedication. How many of us will have the heart and mind to safe whatever it’s still usable. Anything that is barely usable couldn’t survive in many people’s life now. Perhaps the technology world has change the entire generation and making more of these nowadays.

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Well, technology and generation gap aside… what attracts me down here is the air well, the air well is where the place attracts the natural light and the it’s cooling. Looking up, you could see those sophisticated chandelier dangling crystal lamp, according to Sam, one of the partner, those are old chandelier, they refurbished it all.

They turned the old building that along Rope Walk Road into this stunning beautiful place for us to dine, good food, good environment, and good music. And some good interior design magazines to read too. Nothing could you ask for more from Sri Malaya. Oh yes, not to forget is reasonable price too.

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Every dishes name sound boring and normal to many of us, but till you have the first bite, honestly it gives us a surprise after that bite. For example, this Pineapple Fried Rice (RM12-00). What would you think of this Pineapple Fried Rice, well, many would think that is pretty normal and it’s uses pineapple cubes to fry it. But what surprises us was, they also added in some lychee fruit in it that makes the rice some lychee and pineapple fragrant too. Food presentation is also another factor that could make the entire dish delicious. I was the one that couldn’t resist to keep having a few spoon.

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Whenever I see Aglio Olio (RM15-00), I just can’t stop myself from getting one. Well, this time it isn’t any surprise for not having one for myself. Perhaps, it looks bland to many people’s eyes. But the olive chunks that fried together that makes a difference on this plate.

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Fish & Chip (RM19-00) is honestly very ordinary to many people, well, when this was ordered, I was asking myself, why Fish & Chips of all the dishes in the menu. I just couldn’t comprehend when he has made up this mind. But when it serves, I was like… ok, that isn’t a bad choice. It looks beautiful from the outlook, but what would it tastes like when you have the bite. Ta daa… the first bite was full of unexpected surprises, it was fresh and juicy.

2010_08_07 Sir Malaya 015a 2010_08_07 Sir Malaya 019a
Teriyaki Chicken Burger (RM15-00) was another item that I kept eyeing on it when I first read the menu. This is something that I never come across; it should be something unique to attract me for the bite. And true enough, it was absolutely delicious with the caramelized teriyaki sauce. Looking at the burger nicely sitting on the French fries, it was really a beautiful picture to snap on.

2010_07_31 Sri Malaya 042a 2010_07_31 Sri Malaya 039a
Chocolate Brownie (RM9-00), needless to mention at all, especially when I first looking at it, I could smell the strong chocolate when it served right to me. Looking at the melted chocolate dripping down from the top, I just can’t stop biting it. It’s definitely lovely to have one.

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Avocado Smoothie (RM8-00) with a pinch of coffee that make this Avocado Smoothie a kick. This smoothie is the star for Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant.

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Mango Smoothie (RM8-00), uses fresh mango and the sweetness of the mango need not use any sugar syrup to add on for this glass of smoothie.

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Iced Black Brew (RM7-00), uses the fresh illy coffee bean and brew. The coffee aroma just make you wide awake when they make this glass of coffee.

2010_07_31 Sri Malaya 033a
Black Brew (RM6-00), isn’t any bad choice if you op for a hot coffee for the day. Definitely would if you know it brews from illy coffee bean.

Currently Sri Malaya is having promotion, if you order their main, pasta or Little Malaya’s dishes, a free fruit juice is serve.

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Choices are Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Watermelon & Carrot. Customer can also op for mixed fruit like mixed apple, carrot and orange as well.

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Apart from what I have written above, Sri Malaya also caters private function in their restaurant. A spacious in their living hall upstairs and also very breezy even on a hot weather.

2010_07_31 Sri Malaya 068a
Sri Malaya also have the outdoor environment that is specially cater for smokers. Cooling and nice place to hang out.

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Address & Contact Number
Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant
No. 1 Rope Walk
10100 Georgetown
Tel: +604-261 3763

Business Hours:
12pm – 3pm
6pm – 11pm

Closed on Tuesday


cariso said…
I love aglio olio too! The aglio olio here seems not bad!
Big BOys Oven said…
OMG! the chocolate brownie looked so luscious! I will use my fingering over those melted chocolate topping! :)
Big Boys Oven said…
the interior looked luxurious and can easy flush into! I just love the setting, defitely a place to be and to try out!
choi yen said…
The fish & chips look dry ~~
uLi.佑莉 said…
Choc brownie!!! I want~ :D
ck lam said…
I missed the is a must have on my visit.
My Food Fetish said…
Agree with BBO. Love the setting.
worldwindows said…
Beautiful pictorial of place and food.
Duckie said…
nice place and the food looks not bad. will definately try it someday =)
Rebecca Saw said…
nice! good food wit hheritage reserved! splendid!
Christina Kim said…
I am looking forward to adding this place on my list; I am running out of places to eat, LOL! =p
I can't believe they have avocado smoothie; the last time I tried this was in Singapore and I had a hard time finding this here.
Thanks for cutting my search short now;)
J2Kfm said…
This place is charming. Reminds me of Kopi Cine and the row of heritage lots owned by Bon Ton group.
MnYfoodtalk said…
The mango smoothie looks oishii...

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