Soul Kitchen Trattoria

2010_06_26 Soul Kitchen 046a

“Wow, you two are really having a massive breakfast, don’t you?”
Giggly laughed. “Are we?”
“Hope you enjoyed your day! Great to see you guys so happy and enjoying the food here.”
“Oh yes, the food is prepared with love and care.”

This is the exact conversation that we have with Michelle from Soul Kitchen. We went back for breakfast the other day, when everyone was working we were enjoying our ‘massive’ breakfast down there. It was another quality time that we spent together.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 003a

Anyway, when you’re just like ‘sotong’ (squid) where people claims it blur, that means you need something to kick start your morning, whether be it at work or off work. I was one of that, that needed a cup of strong coffee to kick start my day. Once, a sip, the ideas could just flow freely into your mind and it will start thinking how to get things done for the day, and so on.

Before I could think thru what to have for the morning, I just want a Long Black Coffee. And with that, whatever it’s in query, will be answered.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 009a 2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 011a

Needless to say, having healthy breakfast for a day is something every parent will tell their children. And we were told that too when we were young. So, why would we thrifty about what we want to have, right?
Such, I have Scrambled Egg with Mushroom (RM6-00), which consists of one slice of bread that cut into half, and tomato.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 020a

Hubby has Tramezzini Tuna (Grilled Sandwich – RM10-00) for his breakfast. It was a simple snack in many European countries, well, at least that’s what we were told.

2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 013a 2010_09_13 Soul Kitchen 019a

Next, Muesli on Papaya (RM9-00), added honey on it, that makes the entire thing so delicious.

So, all the above look massive to you?? If you’re looking for some healthy bite for the morning, Soul Kitchen Trattoria is the place for you.

Address & Contact Number
Soul Kitchen Trattoria
102 Lebuh Muntri
10200 Georgetown
Tel: 04-2613118 / 012-5943522


choi yen said…
Not enough for me ... ^^
Never know muesli can combine with papaya like that O.O
Unknown said…
hmm.... good and healthy start of the day with healthy foods. ^0^
J2Kfm said…
Haha, nope. Far from massive, actually.
Babe_KL said…
nice leh, my kinda breakie!
Steven Goh said…
I love the food and the service there at Soul Kitchen, the only drawback is that the price is on the high side. 2 set of breakfast with drinks is almost RM50
cariso said…
Nope, not massiva ah! :)
email2me said…
Gee ... this is so healthy
meiyi said…
Muesli on Papaya sounds interesting.
I wanna get some papayas and pour some mueslis and raisins on it!
email2me said…
Just had the dinner there just now where we occupy the whole restaurant. The food there is good and simple. Awesome experience!

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