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On a Valentine Day, many couples will spend some time for dinner, whether it’s a sumptuous candle light dinner or simple one. I think this would be one of our unforgettable one. Well, why would I say that… have you seen a couple staying at home not having candle light dinner but home cooked Wanton Mee?

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Oh ya, don’t laugh over it, but that’s true that we both are enjoying 13 wantons each and a plate of Wanton Mee.

I got all these ingredients from Jaya Jusco, Queensbay Mall, except minced meat from Jelutong Market. Best to get such ingredients in the wet market, some how I find it fresher.

To marinate the 200g minced meat, I used oyster sauce, pinch of sugar and 1 teaspoon of corn flour to marinate for 30 minutes.

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Wrap these meats with wontan skin and keep aside. Boil a pot of water to boil these wantons. For my case, I use a wok to boil, for that matter, I find that it’s easier to manage, and also it boils quicker too.

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What mom taught me was when we put all these wantons in the boiling water, it will sink, once it’s cooked, it will be floating. It’s about 3 to 5 minutes, depending your size of the wantons.

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Once cooked, add 1 tablespoon of garlic oil and half table spoon of sesame oil. Add light soya sauce instead of pinch of salt, and add on ground pepper if you like the taste of it.

After that, I boil another pot of water to cook on the noodle.

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Remember to prepare another pot of cold water for cooling the cooking process, my mother told me that is actually clearing the alkaline in the noodle, and some how that’s make the noodle even more crunchy when consume.

Cook the noodle for 2 to 3 minutes, transfer the noodle to the cold water for cooling the process and then after transfer it back to the hot boiling water, losing the noodles and set it on the serving plate.

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If you’re not an oily fan, just add half table spoon of garlic and sesame oil respectively. Half table spoon of dark soya sauce and light soya sauce, mix well and garnish with spring onions.

2011_02_14 Home Cooked Wanton Mee 023a

And that’s our Valentine meal.

Happy Valentine folks!!


Big Boys Oven said…
wow lovely wanton noodle and I love the looks of the wanton you are having.
Coketai said…
Well!!That's a wonderful valentine dishes!! What else to ask for!!! Those candle light dinner cost a lot but the food is suck and damn expensive. The right thing to do is to use the money to buy a good present for each another. Isn't a logical way to celebrate Valentine day??

Anonymous said…
mouthwatering home cooked wanton mee....i am really drooling! U r the best!!
MeRy said…
Simple and nice meal...
cariso said…
Ha! Your valentine meal very special! :) I will keep your recipe.
Hi BBO, :) thank you.

Hi Coketai, candle light dinner though costs a lot, but once in awhile indulge it, it isn't any bad idea. Of course, what is more comfortable and spending quality time with love one is the most enjoyable thing to do?! Right?

Hi SimpleGirl, thank you... hahahah

Hi MeRy, yup!! You're right.

Hi Cariso, like Coketai said... logical way to spend our Valentine! :)
meiyi said…
The best valentine's meal should be celebrated at home actually..

really nice and sweet :)

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