Home Cooked Fermented Bean Paste Chicken 豆酱炒雞

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Not sure anyone has come across this dish… but this is definitely something that we like. One of mom’s best dish and it’s something that we will surely have extra bowl of rice.

Tried to cook this couple of times, and many times I failed and it just can’t match into what mom has been cooking for us. The taste is either out of the original or it’s either too sweet or too salty, or too much sauce.

I wonder when will I be success and cook this like what mom did.

A never give up attitude could actually make things happen. Just like many famous speakers tell us, practice make perfect. True enough, I cook this dish many times, till I myself raise the white flag.

Ingredients are simple… for 2 persons at home; you can just follow the ratio below.

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2 chicken thighs, chopped.

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1 medium capsicum, 1 medium tomato, 6 red chili padi (if you can’t take too spicy food, reduce the chili). Chop tomato in wedge form, random cut the capsicum and also use the chopper slightly press on the chili. This is to help to press out the chili aroma, and the spiciness.

2011_07_25 Home Cooked Chicken 003a
Half tablespoon of fermented bean paste is needed.

I always like to put lots of lots of garlic in my dishes, hence, this is nothing different too. In fact, I’ve put about a tablespoon of chopped garlic.

Once gather all these ingredients… here the simple steps.

1. Heat the wok with about 5 tablespoon of oil. Coated the wok with the oil and turn it into high flame to heat the wok.
2. Throw in the garlic in the wok, light stir it.
3. Add the half tablespoon of fermented bean paste into the wok, stir it till fragrant.
4. Then, add in the chicken. I did not marinate the chicken but I add in about 1 teaspoon of dark soya sauce. It doesn’t really pull out the taste but it’s more of colouring.
5. When you put those chickens in the hot wok, please do not stir it, just leave it in the wok for awhile.
6. For about 1 minute, turn the chicken over the other side.
7. Keep stir frying and on and off keep the lid open and close. This process will help to cook the chicken thoroughly.
8. Once done, add in the chili padi into the chicken and stir fry for 1 minute.
9. Then after add in the capsicums, tomatoes.
10. Add in salt to taste, and dish out once it’s cooked.
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Little Inbox said…
I have not come across this dish before, but I want to try this out for sure. :)
Keep up the spirit!
This dish was invented by my mom... In fact, can't this in any cook book. :)

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