Home Cooked Capsicum Chicken

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After a long quiet break… honestly that didn’t help me to recharge back my energy but to drain out more of it. Was it due to the environment or basically the lazy worm that’s biting my bones?

Since I moved out and got to prepare food everyday, I can fully comprehend how a housewife, a working mother, or a cook face everyday! They have to think what to cook, what ingredients in hand to prepare, what to prepare for the family or their guests. And I am having this everyday… truly salute those that prepare food for those people.

And if you’re creative enough and time permit, you can actually cook something different or refer to a fancy recipe book as reference. But again, that’s always time consuming… for us, I guess we just wanna have a fast one, eat, and clean that’s all.

This is something that I cook and without referring to my ‘cook’ aka my mom. Though it takes a lot of cutting time, but these ingredients that made the dish fragrant, well, at least it makes my loved one add another bowl of rice. :)

2 deboned chicken thighs
1 medium brown onion
1 medium capsicum
3 cloves of chopped garlic
5 chili padi, optional. If you like more spicy, can add more

½ tablespoon soya sauce
1 teaspoon dark soya sauce
2-3 teaspoon light soya sauce
½ teaspoon of sugar
Dash a bit of white pepper
Salt to taste

  1.      Cut the deboned chicken thighs into 1cm cube size
  2.       Marinate with those sauces for about 20 minutes
  3.       While marinating, cut the remaining ingredients into cube form, ie. Capsicum, onion, chili padi
  4.       Heat on the wok with 2 to 3 table of oil
  5.       Fragrant the garlic till the aroma fills up your kitchen
  6.       Add in the marinated chicken into the wok… do not stir not flip it over
  7.       Once its half cooked, flip it over and cover with wok lid
  8.       The steps of covering the wok it has to take on a few times, and also stir fry the chicken
  9.       Stir fry till the chicken are thoroughly cooked thru, add in the rest of the ingredients, eg capsicum, onions and chili padi
  10.   Stir fry it till it coated with the sauces and dish out

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Food For Tots said…
I have been dealing with such lifestyle for the past 4 years.lol! Home-cooked dish is always the best. The amount of effort you put in to provide a healthy and wholesome meal for the family is invaluable! Keep it up!
Hi Food For Tots, yup... it's always feel good when love ones tell you that your food is good! :)
cariso said…
Agree with you. Sometimes after eating out for a few days consecutively, I started to yearn for home-cooked dishes and started scratching head what to cook with limited ingredients. :)
Hi Cariso, ya lor... that's why is so difficult to crack our head for recipe. :)

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