Sukhothai Restaurant

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Once upon a time, there were three sisters, 1 sister had a bunch of boys and the other sister had a lot of daughters, and each of these sisters gave 1 boy and 1 girl to this sister whom is not married. And this sister raised this boy and girl as brother and sister…. This is the story that my cousin from the states shared it in her blog.

The boy is now 73 years old and living in Oklahoma, recently he came back to Malaysia to visit his family and the rest of his cousins. Brought along with him were his son and daughter, whom visited Malaysia in 1974, that time both of them were only 6 years old and 3 years old. It was a wonderful gathering that we cousins have had and also the 24 hours compressed tour of the Pearl of Orient.

Though uncle is aging and it’s advisable not to travel in such tight schedule, but we took him for his favourite spicy food. driving to down town is always a hassle if the traffic is heavy, thus we chose some where near. Have you heard of Sukhothai Restaurant that’s located in Bukit Jambul Country Club? It’s a Thai Restaurant that is open for public… and the food there is absolutely delicious. In fact, many factories over in Free Industrial Zone organized many lunches and dinner over here before.

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When comes to Thai food, most important thing is their Tom Yam (RM18), be it clear Tom Yam or others. You just can’t miss it out. Of course, we opted for Seafood Tom Yam and extra spicy too. It was absolutely help you on your appetite desire.

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My uncle loves beef, further more beef is cheaper compared to the other choices. A curry beef with long beans was definitely tempting to have extra bowl of rice, its named Beef Spicy Curry (RM18).

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Due to religion, we can’t have beef, so we have Black Pepper Chicken (RM15) for the rest of us.

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XO Vegetables (RM14), where you can Petai, Lotus Root, Winged Bean, in the red hot chili paste. That plate of vegetable is appetizing.

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Steam Fish Spicy Lime (RM38), is something that you wouldn’t want to miss, it is steamed with lemon sauce, lemon grass, chili padi, and Kaffir lime leaves. That makes that plate of fish so fragrant, and tempting to wallop the soup too.

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Squid Spicy Curry (RM20) is something that we ordered extra, it comes with Basil Leaf and Long Beans. The squid is definitely tender and fresh.

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Since my aunt brought her grandson along, he definitely can’t have what we’re having. A plate of prawn and egg fried rice (RM10) for him was just nice.

Address & Contact Number
Sukhothai Restaurant
No. 2, Jalan Bukit Jambul
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-6436 754


Jazz & Trista said…
seems very expensive leh....(>_<)~~
Enqvist said…
there is one sukhotai in town selling beef noodle also, is the same shop?