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May 28 is a special day for both of us. A day that we made our vow and also a day that my brother-in-law was born. The wife and I made an appointment to meet up for breakfast and chit-chat. Sometimes, is good to have such close tie within the family. Since my in-law don’t really fancy American breakfast, hubby and I would have to blend along their preference.

This is the place that we both have never got a chance to try, well… all sort of reasons and excuses, either parking lot not sufficient or this is just not for that day breakfast. Since, this initiated by my sister-in-law and we’ll just follow.

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A shop that is only selling Lor Mee, specialist into Lor Mee and operates by husband and wife… apart from Lor Mee, you can also find other side dishes like Vegetarian Otak Otak, Nasi Lemak, etc. The place is clean, and spacious, few small tables and a couple of big tables that cater for a big group.

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Noticed this Lor Mee is slightly ticker compared to those that I’d tried along the years. And the Chinese five spices powder did not over power the soup and it makes the bowl of noodle has its special aroma. The vinegar minced garlic is honestly fragrant and yet not sour, with this added into the bowl of noodle and a teaspoon of homemade chili that would definitely give it a kick!

It’s worth a try if you ever come across this area, do swing by and hop into for a bowl. Well, at times finding excuses like insufficient of parking lot that really needs to give a break on it!

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Address & Contact Number
Kafe Fong Sheng
6 Lorong Selamat
10400 Penang
Note: Near junction with Burmah Road, to be exact next to Kurnia Insurance building

Business hour:
7.30am to 2.30pm (Sun to Fri), closed on Sat

Price List
Small RM3.00
Big RM3.50
Additional Noodle RM3.80
Additional Side Dishes RM5.00
Otak-Otak RM2.40
Yau Mak Vegetables RM2.00 / RM3.00