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Exactly 3 months I didn’t take any food photograph, the last I took was in July and not even post anything in the blog too. The last I blog was sometime in May, and that was like coming to 6 months ago?  Though I did not lose the passion of writing nor photo taking, but time has never been on my side, apart from busy work schedule, busy business trip, hectic meetings, night calls / teleconferences, basically am living in a NO LIFE kind of situation. Not that am complaining about it, nor am enjoying it. But I know I am putting more effort in this job to make myself successful and not to let my superiors down. Life has not been easy, things are not that easy to handle too, you just need to pay more attention to it and make it happen.

Because many people blog about many café, eating outlet and restaurants, that’s how I found this place – Kaffa Espresso Bar in Green Hall. When I got to know the location, I was skeptical, skeptical in a sense that the location like that basically hard to attract any customers, and after working hours there isn’t any other crowd around that area. But, with the help of blogging sensation, this is widely spread in the market. When I reached the place, I could see many young people enjoying their coffee, their breakfast down there.

I was rather impressed with the outcome from the speculation and broadcasting from blogging. Not to mention, am part of that, that’s all bloggers’ passion.  After neglecting it for 6 months, I rather miss it, miss blogging.

Don’t know why I miss Big Breakfast these few days, I just want to have something like that, but if you’re a rational spender, you will definitely not having such breakfast like this. But, hey, bonus time… why not right? Once in awhile you need to pamper yourself and have something sumptuous. Reward yourself with good food, good spa, good shopping or good breakfast, of course you know very well, this doesn’t happen all the time.

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A plate of big breakfast that consist of half tomato, turkey ham, turkey sausage, scramble egg, hash potato, and sauté mushrooms, and a toast bun. Big enough, huh?? That costs RM18.90, without a cup of coffee.

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An ordinary toast and scramble egg that costs RM9.90 and an add on hash brown potato, RM2.00 it’s about RM11.90, all above before Government & Service tax.

Having a sumptuous breakfast without a good coffee will never be completed! Don’t you agree, coffee lover?

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Thus, we both have a cup of Cappuccino that is RM10.00 and a cup of Long Black RM8.00 that made our morning filling.

Burp…. Ooops… excuse me! Guess that’s too full. Well, it’s not a bad place for a good breakfast, and for a cup of coffee to wake you up for the day!

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Coketai said…
Finally got one your new update! A lot of food blogger have stop the blogging activities due to various reason but this fact of life! Anyway it was good to see a new entry from you...I drop by once a while to check afterall they are few and few old timer blogging now.

You have a nice day!

Hello Tai, your comment honestly really gave me the courage to move on! Thank you! Thank you for dropping by every now and then. And thank you for your support too!
Yes, you're right, that's fact of life, nothing much we could do, as long as you still have the passion, nothing can kill it! ;)