Coffee Addict

After a 3 years long break guess, it’s time to pick up myself to write something. Be it short or long, be it in English or Mandarin, or be it a criticize review or compliment one, I know I’ve been missing writing, or blogging. Some friends even asked me why would I stopping writing, my standard answer was busy at work, and my waist line is expanding, blah blah… but come to think of it, I truly happy when I see the food on my table.

Blogging for an interest wasn’t my ultimate dream, in fact, to me it’s more of writing down what have I eaten, tried, spent, or reviewed. Those days in my time, we called that writing diaries… but now with the IT era, this have changed to blogging, or writing journal. With regards the 2, the old fashion type is more of writing down what have had passed in your days, and life. The latter one could get you to earn some income.

In fact, my 11 years old nephew wanted to learn blogging, I am more than happy to give him my input. Blogging is a good hobby, that will train 1 person to be more analytical in writing, that would also enhance their writing skills. Probably in his future, he could be an author too.
I wrote diary for almost 16 years, the habit was rather consistent till I dropped it for personal reason and turned that into blogging in 2007 for another 7 years. Everytime the reason is almost the same, busy… lazy. On the other angle I know I’ve lost touch a lot. I know I need to pick it up again.

I like to write in a cozy environment, where a cup of coffee freshly brew smell surrounding in an enclosed room. And listening to some nice music, guess that boost up some writing thoughts in your mind.

Hmmm… that reminds me of Jessica Parker from Sex and The City where she wrote for New York Times in the series. 

Well, lately with so many cafes pop up in the island, basically I am not able to visit all of them. To be more selective, I accidentally bumped in to this café from a reknown blogger CK Lam’s post.

Happened to see the lady owner of Cozy in the Rocket and Amelie Café. And am sure the food or the drinks has its standard. Actually we were here for Croissant, a sinful bread that my hubby loves. Le Petit Four is a small baker in Coffee Addict shop, and she was trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, the world's largest hospitality education institution, with over 50 schools on five continents serving 20,000 students annually.

With that name, I believe you wouldn’t doubt on it’s texture and the result. But to his standards, he would rather prefer another piece that he’s always yearning for. 

Anyway, this is just another excuse for croissant the sinful bread. 

Address & Contact Number
Coffee Addict & Le Petit Four Patisserie
209 Hutton Lane
10050 Georgetown
Tel: 016 – 302 0283

Business Hours:
9am – 8pm (Sunday – Thursday)
9am – 10pm (Friday – Saturday)

Closed on Tuesday


Coketai said…
Finally after checking the blog on a constant basis, I find you back. There are so many old time food blogger have stop updating for whatever reason but I am so glad you are back. You have anther blogspot for other topic, I wonder you will bring them live again someday.

Good to have you back!

@Coketai, thank you for checking me up constantly. Am honored to have a reader that follows me for so many years. As of that blog, honestly I have no idea when will I keep it live again. Perhaps 1 day... probably 1 fine day.
Coketai said…
Keep it up and life will always up and down, blogging is one way that we can release the pressure of life. Keep it up and you will be fine.