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I may sound pathetic if I said after a two days’ work stress, I need some time to relax. But true enough a day of rest, of a ME-time is actually make me feel complete.

I am going thru the list that my boss sent me the other day, and I was sharing it with my husband let’s hop into one of those café from the list. And Dān is in the list that I should try.

Dān is the cafe name that serves coffee and dessert of which a business partner to Moon Shop Gallery that is occupied the bigger space. Happened that the partner is the fan of coffee, and whenever their friends came to visit them at the workshop, they served coffee and dessert. And with their friends’ courage, they actually operated a small corner aka a coffee bar counter to serve customers.

What is Moon Shop Gallery? Moon Shop Gallery is operated by a landscape architect name Vin Chee.  This is basically a workshop for plant in the glass in another words to describe it is called Forest in the Bottle. 

For a lazy person like me that do not have green fingers perhaps this is the thing that I should have to put in my office or home. Why would it be for the lazy person, because basically there's no need to water the plants, as the moisture will form on the inside of the terrarium and on the plants. That moisture will drip down and water the soil.  That's the knowledge that Vin Chee the owner that educated us.

Vin Chee told us that you could build a Zen theme aka Japanese Garden in your bottle, or a rain forest. As long as you put your terrarium under the light, that will grow the moisture from the plant and water the soil. 

Dān is the café that operates by his partner that loves to drink coffee hence the café that came about. This whole place is only plants, coffee, dessert and quiet time of your own.

This place is currently under going some expansions to cater more workshops for kids or for adults. Vin Chee has the dream to educate young children to understand more of local plants and a place for adults to conduct their team building workshops too.

What caught my attention was the Gula Melaka Cheesecake (RM12) that Crisp of Life posted in their blog. A dessert person like me wouldn’t want to miss out something that I’ve never try before. Of course a piece of cheese cake will not be complete without a cup of coffee too.

The choice of coffee was basically advised by the Barista, we two opted for hand brewed coffee which recommended by them, I chose the one that is sweet based and fruity type, Nicaragua COE Pacamara (RM18).

And hubby chose Honduras Comayagua El Retono (RM18) which is a sour based kind of coffee. 

Hand brewed coffee would be nice if you know you can’t take too strong coffee after 1pm. Some people or rather me would not be able to sleep after 12pm if you take coffee.

You may wonder what is “Hand Brewed Coffee”. Hand brewed coffee is also call Pourover coffee which starts with ground coffee, a filter and a filter holder. And it’s often called a “pourover dripper”. The basic level, pourover brewing involves in pouring water over the through the grounds to the extract the coffee flavors into the cup or the serving vessel (source Serious Eat).

Why would Dān’s coffee serves in wine glass, according to them the coffee does have the sweet taste of its own and it’s has the fruity taste too. Thus, serving it with a wine glass would be a better choice.

Anyway, I told myself I am going back there again for their Lava Matcha Cake which is their signature too. 

Address & Contact Number
Dān 单 | Moon Shop Gallery 月森
38/1 Lebuh Farquhar
George Town
Tel: +604-251 9415 / +6016-467 4011
Operation hours: 1 pm - 10 pm (Closed on Sunday)

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Wow, that cheesecake looks scrumptious.

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