Passion Heart Cafe

I am not sure you will agree with me, good friends are hard to come by; especially friends that love to eat and searching for good food. Circle of friends can be varied from many interests, some just love food, some loves cars, movies, etc.  Some even formed a book club.

A spontaneous lunch get-together is often arranged within the gang, and this round we were yearning for cempedak. Thus, we all agreed to have our lunch in Passion Heart which is located in Muntri Street.

Apart from cempedak cakes that they have, they also have other dishes like mushroom soup, or pasta for lunch and breakfast too.

But again, we were not going for anything like that but going for some locals instead - Jawa Mee. 

Honestly the bowl of Jawa Mee is big, for a small eater, may have to share out. The bowl of Jawa Mee consists of crispy prawn fritter, prawns, bean curd, hard boil egg, yellow noodle, small amount of lettuce for garnishing, deep fried shallots, and last chili paste.
Currently is the season of cempedak. You will find lots of road side stalls selling cempedak fritters, and with the recent trend, people are now going for cempedak cake. 
20180720_Passion Heart_003 
And the best cempedak cake that I can find so far is Passion Heart, per piece is about RM11 if am not mistaken.

20180720_Passion Heart_002  
Cempedak Crumble Cake is about RM12 per slice.
20180720_Passion Heart_011
Cempedak Cheese Cake also not to be missed.
20180720_Passion Heart_001
Chocolate Mint Cake is refreshing too.

If you are lucky enough, you may bump into Nelly Koon the founder of Passion Heart. She will share with you many life stories. And you will learn from her in terms of her philosophies. There’s always ups and down in life, and how we tackle it and move on with it.

Address &Contact Number
Passion Heart
83 Jalan Muntri
10200 Georgetown
Tel: +016 - 443 1336
Business Hours: 12:00pm - 10:30pm (Mon & Wed - Sat) 

                           12:00pm - 9:00pm (Sun) (Closed on Tue)


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