Koay Teow Th'ng Breakfast

If you remember in my previous post, I was talking about some good Koay Teow Th’ng in Penang Island. Today am going to share with you another good one.

If you could stand the cleanliness of the surrounding, well, perhaps this is another place for Koay Teow Th’ng. The stall is actually located at the road side, and this is another stall that I used to visit for breakfast.
This stall is located in between Kimberly Street and Ngah Aboo Lane. To be more precise, the stall is pretty near the Bee Chin Heong’s antique shop. The stall normally opens early in the morning until 12noon, manned by a couple, and children are the helpers.

If you are some where in down town, do drop by this area. Cuz, you could see a busy street market down the road, people busy doing businesses and so on.

To cut it short... we ordered the normal Koay Teow Th'ng and a plate of vegetables. Since hubby dare not eat chicken legs, I didn't order that. By looking far, I can see those are good.

Anyway, the soup base are tasty, and you know it has been boiled for hours. After that, you don't feel thirsty even you drank the entire bowl of soup. Beside soupy, they do have dried Koay Teow also, where they just add dark soya sauce, ground pepper and some lard oil.

Here is the map that briefly tells you where to find this stall... The green dot which is the stall that located, in between Kimberley Street & Ngah Aboo Lane.

Source: http://www.penangnet.com/


stranger-online said…
nice food photo there. koay teow th'ng is my all time favourite. But i prefer mee th'ng instead of koay teow.
Hi Stranger-Online, I normally will order kaoy teow mee, don't know why they gave me koay teow. Mee only kinda too full for me. ;)
IronEaters said…
hm... kuey teow teng. it looks v light n yummy,esp hav a bowl of those during rainy days/winter =) but i personally prefer mee hun in soup instead of kuey teow =P
Hi ironeaters.... I personally like koay teow + yellow noddle. Koay teow too plain for me... Some like beehoon cuz, that's not that fattening. :)

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