Loh Mee

Actually Food Haven have blogged about this Loh Mee before. Anyway, if am not mistaken this is the branch of the Hainan Loh Mee which is located in Pitt Street, and it's next to the Goddess of Mercy Temple. It used to be very famous, but some how it's different from those days.

But I find the branch Loh Mee is better than the one in Pitt Street. Anyway, not many people likes Loh Mee, perhaps it's too starchy.
In fact, you could find Loh Mee in Wikipedia, where is stated that its origin in Pitt Street, with branches in Jones Road & Pulau Tikus. The one in Jones Road is easy to find, the shop is in Yellow Color, and it's next to car service centre.

So, how do you find it??

We were early this morning, and we could see the surrounding is full of cars, that shows that lots of people are coming for this Loh Mee. Beside Loh Mee, they have other stalls like English Breakfast, Char Koay Teow, Wanton Mee, etc.

I wasn't in the mood of Loh Mee this morning, so I chose CKT for breakfast. After all the CKT stall was manned by an old couple. Shouldn't I help out by ordering a plate?


Jackson said…
OMG!! Loh Mee is my favourite food!!!! But how come the loh mee there look so dark a??
Hi Jackson. Is it right? This Yellow House Loh Mee pretty good leh. Better than the original one in Pitt Street. Dark because they put the dark soya sauce kua???
Piggy said…
your pics of lor mee and char kuay teow make me homesick! i wanna go back to penang now and have a bowl of those!
Tummythoz said…
I really have to get your hp number so to get directions to get here! Looks incredible! I want with extra garlic sauce. Can't get such loh-mee in KL.
Hi piggy - well Singapore and Penang only an hour flight. SQ have 3 flights a day. You can fly back for a bowl of loh mee for breakfast, and lunch Char Koay Teow, dinner can go some where else!!!

Hey thummythoz - hahahaha... I really wanted to get you guys' hp numbers... you guys have posted so many good places in KL & PJ.
Anonymous said…
I don't quite like Loh Mee too cos it's starchy. Ipoh's version is dark too.
Hi Jason, not many people like Loh Mee because of starchy and sticky. But then, mostly Penangite will like to mix Loh Mee soup & Prawn Mee soup together. I wonder why?!
Anonymous said…
I love Loh Mee, I love Char Koay Teow, I love Hokkien Mee.
authentically there could be found in Penang/Kedah.

never come across a really good loh mee in Ipoh tho
Well IpohChai, you should have a visit in Penang then.... there are lots of good loh mee, char koay teow, prawn mee in Penang....
IronEaters said…
MY GOD! the char kuey teow looks so so good! looks like it has licked enuff of the wok's breath! *wish im in penang rite now* =(

neway,lovly pics =)

Hi ironeaters, well, do plan a trip to penang ... you would love the penang food...

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