Won Ton Mee 雲吞麵

Am sure many newspapers have advertised or even wrote about Won Ton Mee in Malaysia, for example 邊走邊吃 from China Press had written about it before, 飲食誌 from Sin Chew Press, even published the recipe of it, not to miss out Kuali from The Star too.

And I am going to tell you there is another good Won Ton Mee in Kulim town which I think it's good, and the texture of the noddle also crunchy and less alkaline too.
I am not that familiar with Kulim town, the only landmark that I could recall is this Kapitol building. I was told this was an old cinema before, now it has refurbished as a snooker centre. Opposite this building is a coffee shop by the name of Hong Ta where their stalls like selling Wan Ton Mee, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chee Cheong Fun, etc.I could see many people dining there, and also a number of take away orders. The cost per plate is almost like Penang standard, ie. RM2-50.

Do check out whenever you're in Kulim town.


Anonymous said…
Kulim is in Kedah right?

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