Yin Yau Kui Hakka Noddle

Been wanting to share this eatery place, and it's one of our favourite place in Ipoh. In fact, this place has been reviewed by Rasa Rasa.

This place was actually introduced by our uncle, he brought us here for breakfast once, hubby and I love the noddle very much, as well as other dishes like meat balls, fish balls and other deep fried stuff. I was told this stall is actually originally founded by the stall's late father, now it has passed on to the next generation.
Needless to say further, do check this out whenever you're down in Ipoh for holiday or business. Hubby noticed that the famous celebrity Jacky Cheong came to the shop before, and it seems they have those paper cuttings and hang on the wall for diners to see.
The shop opens as early as 7am, normally it will close before 12noon. Weekends will see a bigger crowd flooding to the shop, so be early. Oh yes, please also take note that this stall do not operate during Chinese New Year period, especially on the day 9th. Price wise, is reasonable. Oh yes, this shop is actually located near the famous 芽菜雞 shop - Lou Wong (老黄芽菜雞).

In fact, 5 of us were there this morning, total paid out was only RM28-00. We have tried other Hakka Noddel stalls in Penang, none of these stalls could compare to this in Ipoh. So, this is highly recommended one that you shouldn't miss!!


Anonymous said…
Oh yes, this shop sell better Hakka Noodle than the one in Pasir Putih. But I don't really like their chilli sauce.
Hi Jason, not to bad wor..... I've not try the Pasir Putih one. In fact, am not aware also.
Anonymous said…
Hakka noodle! It's one of my fav food, I've last had them in KL and I miss it a lot. Do you have directions to this place? Once in a while I'd travel to Ipoh but I only know how to go Old Town lolz
hi vkeong, this is one of the best hakka noddle that I know, compared to another one in ipoh garden east. if you know how to go to old town, then, it should be difficult for you to find this shop.
may i know what's yr email contact, so that I can direct you.
Hi Jackson, Ai ya, KL even more variety of food leh?
cheap food? you should come to Penang la!!!