Beach Blanket Babylon Bar & Bistro House

I bet you’ll laugh if you read this, I’ve not been to Cineplex for almost 4 years since the last movie I watched was Jude Law & Nicole Kidman’s Cold Mountain. Today, I have the urge to watch Ratatouille, unfortunately, that time slot was full and ended up hubby and I were watching a comedy show, “Knocked Up”.

That show isn’t that bad at all, it’s about a one-night stand after a couple of alcohol. I dropped a tear towards the ending… Like Sembang & Talk in one of her post, who is the best to you?

Let’s not talk about that, after the show, we’re not hungry at all, due to a heavy breakfast in Manila Place this morning. Yup, one of our favourite spot for American style breakfast (I’ll post that later). So, we were walking around and look for something light, didn’t manage to get anything out from Gurney Plaza, ended up we drove out from the plaza.

We drove all the way up to Tanjong Bungah, not that no other things for us to eat, just that, we both really can’t slurp anything heavy anymore. Then, on the way down to town, hubby said why don’t we explore something in Upper Penang Road. That is a happening place especially on Friday & Saturday night. You could see lots of tourists, youngsters and drinkers are there.
We thought we could find some food in there, unfortunately it’s not what we thought of like any other places where you could see FOOD. However, we spotted this Beach Blanket Babylon Café. Some where we find it pleasant and the interior is classy too.
I was like scrutinized the menu and looked for something light, … ended up we both ordered spring rolls that comes with only 5 pieces and 4 pieces of garlic bread with cheddar cheese.

Ya, I know, that’s his favourite, what can I say right?? Every tea time, he’ll sure order garlic bread.
It’ll be a perfect match if we have a cup of coffee, whether it’s a cappuccino or an espresso. Well, we didn’t make it a perfect one but had a glass of ice lemon tea and a cup of Earl Gray English tea instead.
But that wasn’t a bad tea time that we have though. After that, we walked out and took a few shots of the place. If you ever do thought of having a gathering with friends, this isn’t any bad place to hang out. In fact, I’d just got to know it’s the same management as 32 Mansion. So, you guys could trust on its services and the food.

Address & Contact Number
Beach Blanket Babylon
Lot B1, The Garage (Upper Penang Road)
No. 2 Penang Road
10000 Penang Malaysia
Telephone: 04-261 0289
Business Hours: 11am – 1am (weekdays)
11am – 2am (weekends and eve of public holidays)


Tummythoz said…
Next trip to Pg must really save some tummy space to visit such upmarket places! Hey, thx for posting pix of the New World Park. I was very curious how it looks
Hi Tummythoz, no problem. Hope you have a good trip to Penang and find these reviews useful. :D
Anonymous said…
Looks very classy.

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