Hock Lye Seafood Village, Jelutong Expressway

Delicious seafood restaurant food would normally packed with people during lunch or dinner. Getting away from packed houses, we asked ourselves, where else can we find a place without the hassle waiting and looking for parking as parking these days is also a problem for some places.
Well, finally we found a place situated in a big piece of land adjacent to the Jelutong Expressway at Bridge Street Foreshore, going downtown from bridge towards town. When approaching the first traffic light in front of the traffic light junction into Harbour Trade area and also the Kew Ong Yeah Temple (Nine Emperor God Temple), you will need to turn right. Immediately after right turned not far from traffic light, make another right turn into a lane and drive all the way to the end. You will notice a signboard of this Hock Lye Seafood Restaurant. Turn right and drive a short distance, you will see Hock Lye Aquarium and Hock Lye Seafood. You will find a big compound enough to cater for 50 to 60 parking lots.
It is an open restaurant with roof tiles sheltered. Cooling fans are installed all over the place but the place is cooling despite the afternoon hot sun out there. Once you are in there, the restaurant helpers or the Tau Keh Soh (boss’s wife) would bring you into the aquarium area to pick fresh seafood of your choice, there are fresh lobster, prawns, fish, clams, and so on.
We ordered 300 grams of prawns, a fish and vege since 2 of us are taking the lunch.
Not too long, there comes the hot wok food delivered to our table. The drunken prawns soup was mouth watering, a little of the wine added that makes it a perfect soup, the “Cheng Ching” in Cantonese or “Cheng Choi” in Hokkein steam fish was another dish perfectly steamed.

Here comes the bill for 3 dish, ie vege, drunken prawns soup and a steam fish all totaled RM65-30. Give it a try if you decided to get away from the hassle of packed houses and limited parking at other good food restaurant. You would love this place as many still not aware of this seafood restaurant existence.

Address & Contact Number
Hock Lye Seafood Village
130A, Jalan CY Choy
Bridge Street Foreshore
10300 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-262 7524


Precious Pea said…
Da prawns looks good. Must be sweet and bouncy...yummzzz!
~Christine~Leng said…
yea.. not aware of its existence. Nice seafoods! I missed prawns sooo... much! it's been years since I've had any (keep repeating this) sob sob... darn allergies!
another nice food blog I've found!
Anonymous said…
Feel like wanna try the drunken prawns......
Cynthia said…
I would loooove to eat here!
tempting me with a place that i wouldnt be able to go..haha not if i hve to drive all the way there..
Hi Precious Pea, yes indeed!!! Very fresh!!

Hello Christine, if you drive up the elevated highway, you notice this outlet. BTW, thk u for the compliment.

Hi Celine, welcome back. Do order if haven't try it before. It's yummy!!

Hey Cynthia, glad to see you again. Oh yes, the seafood are fresh!!

Hey Joe, well, I shall see you posting this place!! Take up this challenge?? ;-P
24HrMom said…
you take great photos! I like it!...www.shopping-kids.blogspot.com
Hi 24hrmom, thks for the compliments... hope to see you more often here!
Jackson said…
Seee... u alwiz say Penang no good food.. Now i envy on u on those Penang good food!! Not fair!!
Anonymous said…
Good food are always found at the weird places :p
Hey Jackson, but KL one nicer mah!!! Don't you agree with me, look at those crabs that you guys posted... Yo... that made me very envy lor!!!

Hi Jason, hmmm .... you hv yr point here... I do agree that.... :D
Anonymous said…
I didn't know about the existence of this place either! Looks like there are good seafood here
Hello durianberry, I actually see this Hock Lye whenever I use the expressway. Aha... finally got there for lunch.... Everything looks yummy to a glutton like me. Especially the drunken prawns.
wmw said…
Mmm...pity I'm not a fan of seafood! :o) I've added you to my blog links, BTW!
IronEaters said…
wanna eat the fish. love steamed fish =D
Hi WMW, thk u for adding me. ;) Not a seafood fan? Hmmm, ... too bad lor?!

Yo Ironeaters, ... ya ya ya... yummy!~! yummy!~!
ling239 said…
wow... o_O
the prawns are so fresh ~ ^_^
Cheryl Wee said…
live drunken prawns!!! yummm~