New World Park Food Court

In my previous post on New World Park, I did mention about the food court is actually behind those chain outlets.
You will like this place, as all the famous hawker delight stalls are all manned down here. You can’t miss your favorite food.

Beside your favorite food stalls are here, the ceilings are high enough and it’s airy. Perhaps it’s new, the cleanliness is thumbs up.
Two of us have actually ordered this much … My Char Koay Teow never fried with eggs, as without egg could taste better on the taste, with egg that will taken all the ‘wok-hei’. The tom yam doesn’t looks as red as what used to be… taste wise, so so only. As for the Chee Cheong Fun, isn’t that bad, but it can be better after I’ve tried the one in New Lane & Cintra Street.

I hope am not fussy hor??


Anonymous said…
I love the curry mee here! The famous ais kacang though, I felt it doesn't taste as good as before. And the design of their wash basin is really funky for a food court :P
Ai ya, I missed the funky basin!!
Anonymous said…
Lor Bak, curry mee, fried koay teow, ais kacang taste delicious. Slurp...
Hi Celine, oh ya... those are delicious, yummy ....
Anonymous said…
i like the ban chang kuih,the chinese pancake,haha,poh piah also not bad la...taste good~~~
Anonymous said…
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