The Best Steam Boat in Butterworth - Zi Wei Yuan Steam Boat

Zi Wei Yuan Steam Boat (紫薇園魚頭火炭爐) – the best steam boat in Butterworth!!!!

Seriously, this is good and I have no other words to describe it. I could see people just flooding in at even 9pm, for dinner, or for supper? Customers that flooded in are driving luxury cars, … I could imagine how reputable is this place.

Many that stay in the mainland are aware of this place, now that it has spread to the island, many islanders are coming here just for steam boat. Apart from steam boat, their other specialty is fish head noodle / rice vermicelli (米粉).

The soup base is excellent and appetizing, noted that they used yam (芋頭), chicken & fish stock to cook the soup base, if you order fish head rice vermicelli, they will add on a little bit of milk. That will make the soup a entire different taste.

It’s getting difficult to find a place where they still use charcoal for steamboat apart from Goh Huat Seng in Kimberly Street, Penang. I guess this is another place where lots of people heading to. Now that with the technology improvement, many do not use charcoal but electronic stove, but with this, I guess it’s a different aroma.
They have many sets of steamboat to choose, for example the one that we ordered was fried fish head (炸魚爐), they also have Grouper (石斑魚爐) steamboat, mixed steamboat (什爐), which I have no idea what is that.
Apart from those, you can add on other ingredient like, fish balls, meat balls, squid, quail eggs, clams, scallop, sea cucumber, mushrooms, oysters (生蠔), abalone slices, Chinese cabbage, maggi noodle, prawns, mantis prawns (攋尿虾), etc.
I must say something about the chili... it's awsome, marvelous, I believe they blended the chilies, garlics and added some lime on it, it was a good combination with those food together.... yummy yummy!!
Needless to say more, check this out and look at the mess after that? I’d enjoyed this!!!

Address & Contact Number
Zi Wei Yuan Steam Boat
No. 6525, Jalan Raja Uda
12300 Butterworth
Tel: 04-331 2736 / 012-452 4741
Biz Hour: 6pm to 11pm, off every Wednesday


Sweet Jasmine said…
i have been trying to get a picture of the old steamboat using charcoal...for my blog on 'steamboat galore.'..but couldn't find.....thks... i will try to get a better pic of the charcol fire next time i go to this place...
Anonymous said…
I just had my modern style steamboat and BBQ. Not as satisfied as yours. :(
Cynthia said…
This is such a fun way to eat. I've seen it on TV before.
Big Boys Oven said…
Oh such a traditional steamboat, I guess you don't see them much this days.... most are using electical steamboat and rather charcoal ones. It sure holds old memories. I truely will fall for this one!
Sugar Bean said…
seems like a nice place to dine in!

btw, we've added u to our link! :)
Anonymous said…
The best in Butterworth? That's a bold claim. Shall try it out if I ever have the chance! :)
Anonymous said…
There must be something about this steamboat, I agree. I don't miss steamboat often but after I read your post, I suddenly crave for it terribly :O
Hi Sweet Jasmine, I was just snapped without thinking did I manage to capture the charcoal. Food is important at that point in time.

Hi Celine, never mind, give yourself another treat... you'll sure satisfy.

Hi Cynthia, yes yes yes... you'll love it.

Hi BBO, yup, you're right.

Hi Sugar Bean, thks for the add. This place is nothing much to talk about, it's more of the food and the soup base.

Hi tankiasu, YES!!! A bold claim!!! It's the best in Butterworth!!!

Hi Tigerfish, it's the soup base that makes everything appetizing!!!
Anonymous said…
Wah... really that good?
ling239 said…
all the seafood look so fresh in the pic... ^_^
wmw said…
Actually since I'm not a fan of steamboat because of all the mostly fishy fishy stuff, the one thing that makes me like it are the exceptional hot chilli sauce!
Hi Jason, well, to me it's good!

Hi Ling239, yup.... everything are fresh, I was busy eating, didn't really take good pics of those food.

Hi WMW, honestly, this chili is sour and spicy hot. Unlike others only red chili and it's so watery.
Precious Pea said…
OOOOoo...i love steamboat. I had 5 times of steamboat last month. Will feature all of it in my blog soon. YUmzz....i love steamboat.
~Christine~Leng said…
I love having steamboat too! Gonna have one at my place with relatives soon! can't wait! ;)
Anonymous said…
oohh...haven't had steamboat for more than 5 years already. It's so nice to have it in the traditional way :)
Hey Precious Pea, can't wait to read your steamboat posts...

Hi Christine, so, will you be posting that soon also?

Hi The Cooking Ninja, thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Since you didn't have for 5 years, shall you have one and post one in your blog?? hehehehehe....
hey jackson, no problem.... pls give me a heads up if you're coming.
Christina Kim said…
WOW!!I didn't know about this place!! Seems really nice and fishy..yeay, I like!:D
Seems quite near from the bridge huh?:)
Hi Christy, it ain't near the bridge. It's more nearer to Butterworth Outer Ring Road.
Anonymous said…
This is one of the famous steamboat in butterworth, my sis went before and she agrees. Too bad she don't know how to go there.

New Kid, any directions you can give besides the address? Is it near anywhere to Sunway Carnival?
Hi vKeong, the direction to the place is in the post itself. No, it's not nearer to Sunway Carnival. This is in Raja Uda. If you know the Kew Ong Yiah Temple in Raja Uda, then you should be able to find this place, it's not far from there.
Do you want me to emai you the direction?
Anonymous said…
Heard good reviews about this place. I'm pretty bad in directions. Moreso, travelling from the island. Would someone be able to a map to the shop from the bridge toll?
Unknown said…
Hi, I got this post via my email that someone email to me. I'm so surprise that I did not know about this Steam Boat just located in my hometown, Raja Uda is a food of paradise street. Glad to know this restaurant, I gonna try it out when I going back to my hometown.