Cheang Kee, Nibong Tebal

Nibong Tebal (高渊) is a small town in Seberang Perai Selatan. Anyone that driving down to south would have to pass by this small town before the North-South Highway was constructed. This town though is small and only 1 main road in this tiny town, but, you could find good food down here. Like Chinese saying Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (臥虎藏龍).

Why do I say that? Well, you never know there’s an eatery shop named Restoran Cheang Kee (璋記飯店), it’s a famous one down here. You could see lots of outstation people dropping by for food.

And, we are one of them, the outstation glutton. We drove all the way from Penang to Nibong Tebal (about 20 to 25 minutes drive) just wanted to try Cheang Kee dishes. Those days, we will be able to see the railway crossing as per schedule, now that they have built this state-of-art flyover, I honestly couldn’t recognize this place anymore. Honestly, it’s so well developed.

Ok, let’s cut it short… let’s talk about gluttons’ topic, aka FOOD!!!!!!!
The famous dish is their Crab Porridge. We only order bowl the other night, just thought of trying out. The taste was absolutely sweet (not that they put rock sugar), the sweetness is from the crabs. The crabs are rather small in size but it’s absolutely fresh.
Beside the famous dish, we also order this ‘snail’ fried with dried chilies. This is a completely different dish and we were surprise and kinda like it. It’s like Western food you’ll have Escargot, and for Chinese, we’ll have ‘snail’. [LOL]
Salted Fish stir fry Beans Sprout, one of our favourite dish, though it’s cheap, but it’s also very much depend on the cook whether can he or she could make this delicious or not, agree? Of course wok hei (鑊氣) is equally important!!
薑蔥田雞 People called this Paddy Field Frog (correct me if am wrong, ya?). This is good if stir fried with spring onions and gingers or dried chilies. And this is my favourite. Yum yum… this one must be a big one, as the meat wasn’t that tender, and it’s a bit tough.
We also have a simple steam fish. The fish is rather small in size, but the timing that they steam was absolutely just in time, cuz, the meat was so tender and smooth! But the sauce is a bit salty for my taste, and for old people too. [grin]
鱼鳔湯, typical Cantonese soup. The soup is also nice to taste, ingredients wise, they have mixed vegetables, ie carrot is small slices, sweet beans in small slices, pork minced meat, vegetables and of course 鱼鳔.

Guess how much we had spent?? RM138.30 for 7 pax dinner. Cheap?

Address & Contact Number
Cheang Kee Restaurant
113, Jalan Atas
Nibong Tebal
Seberang Perai Selatan
Tel: 604-593-1728

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Tummythoz said…
Hey, u did not get its roasted pork knuckle?! *drools at d memory*
鱼鳔湯! its look like a lot of 鱼鳔 in the pic. My god 我爱死鱼鳔我爱死了, the restaurant not in kl hor... so bad! they got branch in here? Why the steam fish face look like die very awfully. *sob
Anonymous said…
And their baby octopus?!
Anonymous said…
Oh, crab porridge, have not taken for couple of years already! My mom cook very nice crab porridge and crab rice. Must make some noise to get mom cook again...hehehe...
ai wei said…
last time i dun take 鱼鳔.
but now... i am so in love with it!

Sugar Bean said…
The food all looks good. Feel like trying out the snail fried with dried chilies, seems like something that we would like.
Anonymous said…
I can taste the sweetness of the crab porridge...omg! The fish looks like in "shock" being cooked this way...LOL! Also love froggie cooked in ginger/green onions...or kung po! But of course, I like froggie meat tender, not any tough meat. :P
Coketai said…
It will be nice, if you can provide more detail direction how to find this restaurant especially if you enter the town or some site mark to locate...etc


Anonymous said…
When we go there, we'll have crab porridge and the octopus. :)
24HrMom said…
Yes! I've been here before! U didn't try on the baby octopus? One thing I dislike much - the FLIES!!
ling239 said…
the fist!! i want tat fish.... :'(
Anonymous said…
The 田鸡 and Crab porridge looks nice.
~Christine~Leng said…
wow... crabby porridge! wanna try!!!
Cynthia said…
Okay, let me see what I will have today... I want the crab porridge and the bean sprout stir-fry
Hi Tummythoz, the pork knuckle is another shop, not this. Right?

Hi Alvin, thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Yup, this is in Seberang Perai Selatan. The steam fish... hahahaha,... I didn't notice that.

Hi Tankiasu, did not order as they said running out of stock.

Hi Celine, me too... it's been sometime already.

Hi Ai Wei, I heard 鱼鳔 soup is good.

Hi Sugarbean, the snail fried is thumb up!!! Good!!!

Hi Tigerfish, hahaha... I didn't notice the fish look. LOL... ya ya ya... tender froggie meat is nice!!

Hi Coketai, that's simple. Exit from Nibong Tebal from the North South Highway. After the toll, traffic light turn left. You will see a fly over in front of you that's above the railway rails. Drive up and right after that, immediately left turn, you will see Shell petrol station and Maybank in front of you. Turn left, all the way, you will see Cheang Kee on your right. Hope this help.

Hi Jason, yup, ... good choice!! :)

Hi 24hrmom, flies?? No ah!! That night don't see any flies ah... got ah??

Hi Ling239, come la!!!! Then you can have the fish!!! :)

Hi Nicholas, yes indeed... but the froggie meat is a bit tough.

Hi Christine Leng, ya ya ya... you will not regret of having this crab porridge.

Hi Cynthia, hahahhahaa... good choice!!! You'll love it!!!