Gee Seng Seafood, Bukit Tambun

What would you think of, when comes to seafood??

I would think of the price to pay, and the freshness of the seafood that am going to take. Well, both are equally important, cuz, you wouldn’t want to pay for an expensive seafood meal yet those seafood ain’t fresh at all, right?

I believe many have come to know Bukit Tambun is a seafood heaven especially of the freshness and the price also.

It was a weekend, and our domestic minister is on strike. Therefore, her general decided to take her for a seafood dinner in Bukit Tambun. Actually at first, we thought of going to Batu Kawan, Ah Ean Seafood, well, it was 7 plus and the place is full of people, some are even lining up for place to sit. Not to mention those that are sitting down there waiting for food.

With that circumstances, all of us divert from Batu Kawan to Bukit Tambun for seafood, after all, we are all out for seafood.
Gee Seng Seafood is actually the last restaurant along the congested street, and I know down the road there is another seafood restaurant where car can’t drive in at all. Anyway, when we were there, the place is full, and we could still see people coming in for food.

Of course, with the general whistle, all the soldiers were looking for place to sit, cuz, our dear domestic minister is hungry. The moment we spotted a table, there goes, our order….

Steam crabs
Fried Mee Teow (炒麵條)
Fried Mee Hoon (炒米粉)
Stir Fried Vegetable (清炒蔬菜)
Fried Oyster Omelettes (蠔煎)
Baby Octopus (章魚) Local called it "Too Boh Swiing"
Tomyam Steam Fish
Kam Heong Clam (金香炒蛤), Hokkien called it ‘kala’, I guess it’s under the ‘lala’ family.
Of course, not to miss Satay

Guess how much we have spent??? Well, with so much of food and some of us order a few bottles of beer, all in all is less than RM130 for the dinner.

Taste wise, everything is good and up to our expectation except the fried oyster omelettes (蠔煎) which we find it a bit of alien taste. Cuz, we have never tried on fried oyster omelettes with a bit of curry powder. I would say it’s an acquire taste of it.

Well, needless to say more or write more… if you’re an adventurous glutton, go and explore further in Bukit Tambun…. After this seafood meal, our domestic minister was happily declared no more strike!!!

Phew, … that was close huh?!!

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Address & Contact Number
Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant
860 Bagan Bukit Tambun
14110 Simpang Ampat
Tel: 04-588 7220


Anonymous said…
Look at the roe in the crab...yum yum! You're right. I like seafood but usually seafood is associated with "expensive" :(
oh i remember here..had it once long long time ago..infact a year ago..ordered like no body biz..but omg it was so cheap!
Anonymous said…
I remember this place. I visited this restaurant a couple years ago, but I didn't know that it's the famous one. Wow,...the pictures make me mouth watering. Cannot tahan liao...
By the way, thanks for put up a link to my blog :)
24HrMom said…
I've never been to this restaurant. Will try it out in my next visit. I usually to Prawn Village and another one further out. Forgotten it's name. Wow.. u're a good photographer. ;-)
ling239 said…
the crab with roe !!! i want i want.... :'(
Deana E said…
so the pics..studied in penang few years back and i really enjoyed the food.keep it up!
Anonymous said…
man .. i forgotten about bukit tambun's food once i moved down to kl ...
Big Boys Oven said…
Northern food is much much cheaper and looks so delicous and awesome!
jlshyang said…
ohhh no...i miss tambun seafood!!
tigerfish, :( seafood = expensive

joe, :) so when is your next trip to this place then? wld love to see you post....

celine, well, the batu kawan post was making me mouth watering too. ;)

24hrmom, thks for the compliments. i was told prawn village's standard has drop a lot... is that true?

ling239, :D .... nice hor?? but compare to KL, i guess this is sub sub water la...

dena e, hi, thks for dropping by and thks for the courages...

renaye, ai yo yo.... do come back and visit then...

BBO, but KL food looks good & tempting too ... there's always the price to pay... right?

jlshyang, thks for dropping by .... so, when are you coming for vacation then???
Tummythoz said…
I want turbo swine! I want turbo swine! *throw tantrum do paddling on floor*
jlshyang said…
vacation? I'm a Penang kia studying in U.K. Imagine how much i miss Penang's food!
Sweet Jasmine said…
Never go to Bukit Tambun before...have heard about the we know where to look for cheap the octopus...
Sugar Bean said…
that looks delicious, but that'll have to wait coz we stay in kl.

anyway, thanks for dropping by our blog.
Precious Pea said…
Jackson said…
Seee.... yr place also hv good food my time to drool over it!
hi tummythoz, kwai la!!! be good ok, next time take you along ha!!! :D

hi jlshyang, i know... just wondering when will you be back here for vacation break?? dont you miss the food here???

hi sweet jasmine, ya ya ya... another place would be Batu Kawan... good seafood also.

hi wenching & esiong, you can always drive up north for food... take it as a vacation break la!!

wei precious pea, ... aint as torturing as yours wor....
Jacelyn Chew said…
i really can't remember whether i went there before during my uni days in Penang. i like the satays...seem delicious!
jlshyang said…
I miss Penang food lots and lots but i don't think i'll be back until at least 2 years from now.
Hi Jacelyn, yes, the satay is good!!!

Hi Jlshyang, ai yo... too bad.... well, after the next 2 years, you can enjoy all sort of foods in Penang, right??
ai wei said…
i have been to this place for quite few times. always went there on the way back or to penang or kedah. hehe... seafood always great there but that place covered with flies... always
hi ai wei, sit near the sea... the you'll be safe. that night wasn't that many of those 'aliens' anyway... :D
ling239 said…
not so easy lar...
timing must be right also ~
is it??? not that I know wor... got season one ah?
Christina Kim said…
Yup Yup!! I have tried this place too!! Nice and reasonably priced:D
Hi Christy, plan to re-visit that shop again??
Anonymous said…
The food is fairly good but wait till u see the flies. I believe the amount of flies can easily lift a sauce plate.

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