Northam Beach Café

It’s been some time I have not been to Northam Beach Café. This is another tourist spot. I believe many Penangites will agree with me.

Why? Well, because any tourist that visits Penang would love this place, cuz, this place is sea facing, lots of foods to try, whether it’s local, or Philippines, Hong Kong, Japanese cuisine. So, why not take your friend down here for a 1-Stop food haven, right?

I’ve not been to this place for quite some times, in fact, months… now that they have these gigantic lantern displaying. I guess that was because of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It wasn’t that distracting, in fact, it was nice to see.

Many people will choose to sit at the upper level, cuz, it’s closer to the sea. Especially in the evening, you could see sun set, nice gentle wind breeze. It was so pleasant.
Hubby was extremely hungry, so, he didn’t order anything light but get himself a plate of Char Siew & Siew Yok rice.
I ordered something extra, in case the plate of rice can’t fill up his hunger… so, an extra grilled chicken thigh, and chicken wings.

As for me, something light will do… since it’s been awhile I didn’t take Jawa Mee. So, I order one plate for myself and make sure they gave lots of chilies.
Probably, lots of people do tend to agree, the price here are slightly on the high side, even a glass of juice like this costs us RM3-30. Hokkien call this ‘Amrah Sui Boey’.

In any occasion if you’re here, do drop by this place. The food may not be your liking, but am sure you would love the wind breeze, and the sound of waves that hits the sea shore.

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Anonymous said…
Where is this place located by the way?
Big Boys Oven said…
hmmmm I was in Penang but did not know about this spot.... need to be back in Penang again!
Anonymous said…
I'm a Penangite, but was never been there before. Pai seh :)
Anonymous said…
Though I like seafood, BBQ roasts like siew yok and char siew can tempt me as well. Don't ask me to choose. :P

Jawa Mee - looks like mee soto and mee rebus hybrid. I don't think I've tried Mee Jawa before.
Coketai said…
Ah! Finally I find a familar place in your blog. This place is THE PLACE I hang out with my friend when I am back to Penang. Good is good, price reasonable, parking place no problem.....worth a visit.

wahlau..looks like i will have problems when it comes to food in many choices!!..which reminds me to jot this down so i can go when i visit end of the mth
Jackson said… court also have lantern mascot!!
Hi Jason, sorry, sorry... should hv talked about it in the post. This place is directly opposite a suites hotel called Northam All Suites, and it's located along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah.

Hi BBO, this place is quite famous for tourist.

Hi Celine, no need to pai seh... ask your hubby to take you there la!!

Hi Tigerfish, honestly I've not try mee soto before, mee jawa is like mamak stall mee rebus.

Hi Coketai, so, this is the place, huh??? :)

Hi Joe, hehehehe... compared to KL, KL have more than Penang wor... right?

Hi Jackson, changgeh, hor??? Buay tahan liao!!
Sugar Bean said…
Looks like a nice place to hang out! I like to eat in restaurants facing the sea, it feels so relax. Well, don't have any of these restaurants in KL.

Nice place!
ai wei said…
yep-yep. i was here during my vacation in may. nice place. hehe. at first i tot it was a seafood restaurant or something (from the outside look). never know that it is actually hawker center type.

the very special thing i had is the... erm... a kind of hard shell creature with sharp tail which i ate only their highly cholesterol eggie. deno what they call but i do love it! ^^
~Christine~Leng said…
have not been to this place while in Penang.. shall visit when I'm on vacation there next time. Thx! ;)
thanks for dropping by at my come and view often...nice food review...drool..hehe..keep up the hard work =D
Christina Kim said…
I agree!! Nice place although pricey(agree with you on the prices) but there were lots of varieties!!:D
Should check it out;)
Hi Wenching & Esiong, ya ya ya... not that hot, and also romantic hor?!

Hi Ai Wei, can't recall the name ah??

Hi Christine, come la!!! You'll love this place.

Hi Babelearner, thks for dropping by, hope to see you more often. Thks.

Hi Christy, ya ya ya... lots of variety ....
ai wei said…
em, i can't recall the name e. that's a very ugly creature...
thk 4 support Northam Beach Cafe
Northan hv open new blog
go to visit and post ur comment

Yuu said…
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