QE II, Tanjong City Marina

Tell me which bistro, pub, restaurant is a talk of the town right now?? Hehehehe… I mean in Penang, la!!!

Well, I didn’t know this place until my friends told me about it. Since Friday, after work, hubby and I didn’t plan to cook at home and decided to eat out and this place is the place for the night.

This area is getting real hip nowadays, at night you’ll see lots of people, mostly youngsters come here for drinking session, gathering, meeting up with friends… and it’s like Bangsar! Hip, energetic, happening!!
I was told their pizza is good, home made crust & rich fillings. I didn’t have that but ordered a Spaghetti Arrabiata. Honestly, this is good!! The tomato pastes are perfectly match with this dried chili flakes that make this so rich in aroma.
Before the main course, we both actually ordered soup, I was conservative, didn’t want to try on others but only mushroom. I guess they were using the wild mushrooms, blend and cook with cream and garlic. Taste wise was so so, not that bad, but I find that something is missing, which I can’t tell what is that.
Another bowl of soup is Lobster Bisque, it taste nice based on hubby’s review. He was telling me that it will be perfect if they could serve with toasted bread.
After the soup, here comes our main course. Like I said earlier, I didn’t order Pizza for myself but a Spaghetti Arrabiata. Hubby got himself a QE’s Special Crusty Lamb. The outer layer of the lamb was crispy, and the meat are tender and juicy. It was unbelievable nice.
After the meal, he loves to have a cup of coffee, well, he didn’t get anything like that but a glass of Mocha Coffee instead.

Overall the food isn’t that bad, environment is superb romantic, as you could see yacht floating at the marina bay, and it’s also a place for friends meeting up for food, for drink. It’s cozy, and comfortable. The only thing is slightly disappointed is the food waiting time is rather long, beside that paying bills as well. It took 20 minutes for a bill.

Oh ya, how much have I spent, about RM117.40 for the meal. A lovely dinner with a cozy atmosphere and nice sea breeze, I guess that’s worth. And also you’ll have a quality time where you could spent with your loved one. Isn’t this marvelous?

Address & Contact Number
Tanjong City Marina
Church St. Pier
8A Pengkalan Weld
10300 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 04-2622 126


ling239 said…
Jackson needs help... did u recommend this to him ? ^_^
ai wei said…
wow, perfecto scenery and cosy environment. this must be a hidden place. guess it is worth to have a dinner here?!
Sugar Bean said…
This place looks nice and romantic!! Haha! Makes me feel like traveling to Penang!!
Hi Ling239, huh?? No wor.. cuz, this place is quite new. Is Jackson coming to Penang??

Hi Ai Wei, not really a hidden place... like I said it's a talk of the town thing now.

Hi Sugarbean, hey, you shld make some time to visit Penang la!!!
~Christine~Leng said…
i miss penang food a lot :( Have actually plan to visit but can't really find the time. Nice place definitely!! ;)
Tummythoz said…
Yah give Handsome Jackson your contact no & u may be potential bini nombor 4, 5 or 6? Lost count.
Precious Pea said…
Very nice and romantic place. Ok..next time when i go Penang with Hubby, must spend time here.
Hi Jackson, hp?? I dont carry one wor.... so how ah?? Ai ya, write to me at xtrinc at gmail dot com, la!!

Hi Christine, yes indeed... fine dining with loved one and enjoy the atmosphere that surrounding you.... nice place for propose also. ;)

Hi Tummythoz, huh?? Jackson ada banyak bini juga, huh??? :D

Hi Precious Pea, I bet you guys will love this place.
Nice nice nice! very great sea view and also nice environment~ hmm... hope i can take out some free time to go!!!! :D
Anonymous said…
Wow, so romantic ya. A nice atmosphere for loving couples...Nice food some more...So enjoy ya.
Christina Kim said…
Wow!!This is one place I must note for my jee mui gatherings!!:D
I have been wondering about this place...and I love that pic of da ships you took, fabulous....i LOVE ships!!:D
tigerfish said…
I would have ordered the Arrabiata as well! Spicy tomato-based pasta sauce.
Hey, we share similar tastes :)
Anonymous said…
I like Arrabiata alot since I dont like seafood. :P
Hi Alvin, you should find time for food in Penang.. and nice scenery, ... :)

Hi Celine, ya lor... nice hor??

Hi Christy, this place is cozy, ... good to have few good friends for drinks.

Hi Tigerfish, heheheh... ya, I observed that too...... good and bad, good we can order similar. bad similar food, will fight for the share. right?

Hi Jason, why dont like seafood???
Anonymous said…
Oh, cool! How's the price? I always go Tanjong City Marina is to eat Hai Nan food only, never go to QEII before, I think I should ask dad and mom to go next time. The food seems nice.
Hi Nicholas, the price is on the high side, but the food and environment pays it all... you shld check out this place.... :)
Anonymous said…
Passed by this place when I was in Penang last week. No chance to check them out though. :(
Anonymous said…
w00t I think i am going this place tonight!
Hi tankiasu, is it??? Too bad la!!!! Never mind, come another time!!!

Hi vKeong, good!! Tell me what's your comment after dining there tonight.
Ashley said…
great photos. my mouth is watering!
check out my Travel Blog:)