Vegetarian Week

農曆九月其間, 到處會看到許多黃旗飄揚, 那就是九皇爺誕與雨的季節.
在這小島裡, 會看到許多信徒吃素, 這也是誠心祈福九皇爺規條.

然而因九皇爺誕, 也有許多老百姓為健康而吃素. 咱們就是這小數人民.

這三天假日裡, 對我來說也未必不是件好事, 可以利用這機會好好休息和調理自己身體. 吃素是其中之一.
這幾天來, 我的早餐, 午餐, 晚餐都是吃這些齋食品. 看了開胃嗎?

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Coketai said…
Chinese entry!!! Wonderful, do it more. I read, speak and write Chinese but unfortunately I don't know how to type Chinese character using computer, so I really admire those blogger whose can type Chinese blog.

Looking forward for more Chinses entry.

Anonymous said…
Good, but make sure take more fresh veggie than those processed dishes made by wheat gluten.
Anonymous said…
開胃, 開胃! Once in a while, I like those vegetarian bee hoon with all the mock meat and fried tau kee!
Sugar Bean said…
Wow, can't believe that u're typing in the traditional chinese font. Is it difficult to type?

Yeah, I agree with what Celine said, it's better to take more fresh veges than those processed dishes.
wmw said…
I love vegetarian food as that means I won't have to be worry about certain meats!
謝謝在座各位的支持和鼓勵. 我會再接再勵!!!

Hi Coketai, use a simple way on this Chinese entry.... ie. online translator... from English to Chinese.

Hi Celine, yes, you're right!!!

Hi Tigerfish, those vegetarian bee hoon at times you may find it too 平淡無味的, but, 鍋氣 is important too, right?

Hi SugarBean, :), ... that shows that we are in a different generation. Older generation was taught in traditional chinese font, newer generation on simplified chinese font. It's not difficult, just use online dictionary....

Hi WMW, hehehehe... a simple way for not worrying this and that, huh?? :)
Christina Kim said…
Nice pics:D
I have vegetarian pics coming up too!:)
Tomorrow's the last day of the festival, right?
Hi Christy, yup... tomorrow is the last day of the festival.
ling239 said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I just had a vegetarian brekkie too yesterday. Dang delicious! Courtesy of a permanent vegetarian colleague. ;)
Sweet Jasmine said…
no wonder i see many stalls on the streets of penang...all vegetarian food...i cannot read chinese...pls download the translator in blog so i can read yr chinese blog..i have one in my blog..
Anonymous said…
Hey buddy need your help again. Can you recommend any good Nyonya restaurant in Penang? Preferably halal coz got Malay friends joining.

And also a seafood place near to Batu Feringghi please. :P Urgent urgent!!
Hi Buddy, your urgent request append below -

1. HaiNan Town, nice scenary, food not too bad, it's in Penang Jeti
2. Mama's Nyonya @ Abu Sitee Lane

Seafood near Batu Feringghi, I hardly go up that area. But you can drive along that place and hook on either one. Dont go to Eden Seafood Village, cuz, that's tourist price that they are charging!!!!
Hi Ling239, of course deep fried food is definitely oily...

Hi Nicholas, thk u for dropping by ... hope to see you more often. Having vege with a group of friends also kinda fun... enjoy ya...

HI tankiasu, why never invite me keh?

Hi Sweet Jasmine, thks for the suggestion, shall check it out and install.
Cynthia said…
New Kid, I am not sure if you are aware, but the text you've written for this post is not coming up.
Hi Cynthia, you need to encode that in your pc, as those are chinese words....
Anonymous said…
Kakaka..would have invited you if not because I'm going there with 19 other colleagues! :P Would love to meet up with you though. Free on Sat nite? ;)