King's Street Koay Teow Th'ng 粿條湯

這是唯一我需要請假來吃的粿條湯, 它是位於最繁忙的街, 那就是 King Street。這一區是商業中心區, 所以有許多銀行職員在此用餐。除了銀行職員之外, 我就是那個貪吃貓。要是我不是那個貪吃貓, 那我怎麼會請假來這回一逛?對不對呀!

好了, 讓我來介紹這一檔粿條湯吧?
它是由一位上了年紀和一名熟練的檔口負責人來經營的. 這一檔粿條湯只是經營於銀行工作時間。那就是說, 他們的經營時間是從星期一到星期五早上十一點鐘左右直到傍晚或是下午為止。
相信它的湯是用了豬肉骨和大骨去熬煮的。 所以格外的濃也格外香。再加上一些豬肝, 豬肉丸和一些肉碎, 加上少許胡椒粉, 那簡直就是人生一大樂趣。

哎呀! 我什麼時候變成如此貪吃?
噯喲,你瞧那些豬肝簡直要了我的命唷! 好喜歡呀!
除了粿條湯之外, 它們的龍眼飲料也出名的好喝。每一回當我一有空, 我就會想這一檔粿條湯。哈哈! 哈哈! 哈哈!


This is the only Koay Teow Th’ng (KTT) that I need to take a half day off just to visit them. And this stall is located at one of the busy street, and that’s King Street. This area is actually business centre areas, banks, offices and so on, thus, you’ll see lots of white collar people came here for lunch.

Well, if am not the glutton, would I be taking a day off and visit this KTT? Right??

Ok, let me give you a brief intro. This stall is actually manned by an old man and an assistant that helps him to serve. Their business opens from Monday to Friday, and only operates on office working hours. They have never open business on weekends before.

I believe their soup base are cooked from pork bones and meat, that’s why the base is so sweet and yummy. It doesn’t taste a bit of MSG. With this soup base, add on with minced meat, some liver, and pork meat balls, and a bit of pepper, oh gosh, isn’t that absolutely delicious??

Oopsy, since when I become that glutton, huh??

Oh boy, look at those livers, they are killing me… am just loving it.

Oh yes, apart from the Koay Teow Th’ng, their drinks are also not too bad, especially this Longan drink. In fact, I find it the best among others in Penang.

Well well… when ever am free…. I’ll sure think of this Koay Teow Th’ng… hmmm, yummy yummy…. Hahahahha!!!

Mischievous me, don’t I?


Rasa Malaysia said…
Hi there, yes, if you go to Shanghai Ding, just ask for the boss and tell them that you are a friend of Rasa Malaysia...and ask for VIP card...;)
Rasa Malaysia said…
By the way, according to my sponsor, the new branch has limited menu now because of the new opening, will have full menu soon...just FYI.
Big Boys Oven said…
Looks so deliciously!
Anonymous said…
Wooo...all the flavor is in the soup. It's quite "murky" but that's because it has been boiled for so long with all the goodness :)
ai wei said…
the longan drink looks cute. seems like lots of 'kiwi seeds' in it
yammylicious said…
the noodles look so delicious!! SLurp!!
Anonymous said…
Oooo.. King's Street.. OK! Gonna try this one day
Anonymous said…
I'm hungry, and I've accidentally reached this blog, what can I say? I feel more hungry now. T_T
Hi Rasa M'sia, thks for the good tips!!! Will sure look for the boss and ask for a VIP card!!!!

Hi BBO, oh yes indeed!! Can you imagine I gotta take half day off just for this KKT. :D

Hi Tigerfish, bingo!!! You're right!

Hi Ivy, ya... one of the best .... I mean that's according to my taste bud la...

Hi Yummilicious, delicious enough to make you go for it?? :)

Hi vKeong, go la!!! And hope you could post one day!!

Hi Lovie, thks for dropping though is accident... Hope to see you more often.
ling239 said…
嗨! Ling239, 檳城人叫這粿條湯, 其他地方叫這豬肉粉。
Anonymous said…
Yay, another place to eat Koay Teow Thng, I go tell my dad right away. =)
wmw said…
Oooh, I like the little "tadpoles" thingy in the drinks...biji selasih!
Coketai said…
粿條湯 + liver = Killing me too!!!

Ha! Ha!

Hi Nicholas, yr dad likes KTT, huh??? There are many good KTT in town leh!!!

Hi WMW, is it? I dont quite fancy.

Hi Coketai, hahahah.... I hv another member!!! hahahahah....
Anonymous said…
yes, he like, i like, we like . =D
Hi Nicholas.... am about to share another KTT soon.... stay tune! :D

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