Teow Chew Meng 潮洲铭小食馆, Chai Leng Park

When it comes to some time you have no idea what to eat anymore, will you go for something that you've not try before? Well, I would!

I've tried Teow Chew Meng before but not this main outlet in Chai Leng Park. And since, Dad and Mom have not try this before, tonight was the first time I brought them here.

I was told this is the main outlet before those branches were opened in Penang Island. I was told they even established a branch in Petaling Jaya also. According to the owner, that branch was manned by his sister.
What's famous in Teow Chew Meng??? Of course is their Mee Sua Tao (Wheat Vermicelli 面线糊).

And their Seafood Porridge (海鲜粥), the porridge could go up to RM50 per bowl. Reason is because they add abalone, sea cucumber, and other good stuff.

I was skeptical that Dad & Mom didn’t like the Mee Sua Tao, glad that they both like it.
Apart from the two signature dishes, we also ordered a plate of TCM Fried Rice (潮州铭炒饭).
Apple Salad Bean Curd.

Three Tastes Oyster.

And, steam vegetables.

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Address & Contact Number
Chai Leng Park Main
Jalan Gan Chai Leng
13700 Perai
Tel: 012-438 5288

Bayan Baru branch 40,
Persiaran Mahsuri 2
11900 Sunway Tunas
(Open daily) 10:00am to 10:00pm
Tel: 012-4728186

Georgetown branch
22B,Krian Road (8 Row)
10400 Georgetown
(Close on Monday) 11:00am to 11:00pm
Tel: 012-4282208

113 Lorong Selamat,
Georgetown, Penang
Mobile: 012-4728387

Petaling Jaya Branch
33 Jalan SS2/30
Petaling Jaya
(The row of shop houses behind New Formosa Restaurant)
Tel: 03 - 78779298


Lingzie said…
i love the mee suah tow here and the 'tu boh sui' (octopus) :) didnt know that the original outlet is from chai leng park! i usually go to the one at pulau tikus.
Sugar Bean said…
Happy New Year!!

Wow, apple salad bean curd sounds new to us. The food looks good!!
yammylicious said…
happiew new year!!!
i spot tis restaurant at chui ling's review!! slurp! apple salad beancurd!
Nick Chan said…
i never know they have branch in kl too. haven't been there for some times d. but your photo make me hungry now in the middle of the nite
Celine said…
I like their mee suah tow too. I have visited their branch in Chai Leng Park, Bayan Baru and the one in Georgetown. Normally I order their mee suah tow, octopus (boiled), kelabu mango/green apple, deep fried calamari & prawns...
Rasa Malaysia said…
I went to this restaurant about 2 years ago and cost me close to RM250 with very cheap food and I swear never go back there again. LOL.

My father was like why pay RM250 to eat mee sua and porridge. ;)
Christina Kim said…
I tried the 3 tastes oyster before:)
The apple salad bean curd looks nice...must try it if I go to TCM again:D
24HrMom said…
yes.. it's my favorite too. Sometimes, I try cooking it at home. haha.. ;-)
Hi Lingzie, yes, Chai Leng Park is the main before the rest in Penang were openned.

Hi Sugarbean, Happy New Year. All the food there are good.

Hi Yammylicious, Happy New Year. Chui Ling's review?? From Astro??

Hi Nicholas, hehehehe... who ask you to surf at this time ah??? Sure hungry la!!! :D

Hi Celine, I'd actually visited other outlets in Penang before Chai Leng Park. Their Mee Sua Tow is good.

Hi RM, what did you order till it costs RM250?? Did you order abalone porridge, which they have also.

Hi Christy, next time do try their oyster noodle, also very good.

Hi 24hrmom, is it?? Then share with us the recipes la.... :D
ai wei said…
wow. they have so many branches?! even one in PJ? i know where to go next time. gotta try it! wondering if it's as good as the one in penang?! keke
Jason said…
They have branch in PJ, no wonder the name sounds familiar :)
Hi Ivy and Jason, yes, they have branches in PJ.... there's another branch in KL or PJ area too... can't recall where about.