Sea Palace Restaurant, Taman Pekaka

I would like to dedicate this post to one of my thoughtful, wonderful colleague cum good friend. It’s sad to say that she’s leaving us, but all of us are happy for her that she’s leaving for a better career advancement and future.

Thus, we organized a farewell lunch for her today in Sea Palace Restaurant in Taman Pekaka. I’ve blogged about this place before, sometime in year 2007 October. Since she’s can’t take any hot and spicy food due to sore throat, another colleague suggested Sea Palace Restaurant.

Well, I don’t deny the fact that the food that she ordered was good and nice. The only sad thing was, another colleague of ours could not make it as she was having bad migraine.

First dish presented to us was this Sichuan soup. It wasn’t that sour, and it’s pretty good to have it cuz, nothing full filling.

The rest coming along are Emperor Noodle which our friend highly recommended, which I totally agreed, because it wasn’t oily and it’s appetizing.

Deep fried Enoki Mushroom and French Beans is one of the best.

Claypot Bean curd with Salted Fish and Dried Chilli that we got to pack back cuz, 4 of us really can’t finish all at one time.

Fried 油炸檜 yau ja gwai with Mayonnaise Salad Cream. I supposed this is the famous one in Sea Palace Restaurant. Well, I wasn’t a fan of Mayonnaise Cream, thus, wasn’t that fancy over it. Overall, it doesn’t taste bad at all.

The lunch was full of laughter and lots of chats among us. I hope there will be the day even anyone of us has left the company, we will still have the opportunity to meet up for a drink and catch up with each other.


Anonymous said…
Farewell? Common event now a days.
The Enoki mushroom and the French bean looks simple, delicious and healthy...
24HrMom said…
Surprise !! My colleague just ask me the other day where is Sea Palace Restaurant. Saying that they want to go for another colleague's farewell ! Maybe, I know you ?
ling239 said…
new style of eating yau ja gwai ? ^_^
Anonymous said…
I've only been here once and I find the food is pretty good.. and I would love to try some of the dishes you blogged! Szechuan soup is what I'm aiming for. I'm all for anything spicy!
Cynthia said…
Aw shucks your friend could not make it.
daphne said…
that's alot of mayo on the fried dough!
wmw said…
Enoki!!! I love 'em mushrooms...
Big Boys Oven said…
looks so delicious, so lucky and so sweet!
Hi Celine, yes, that's very delicious.

Hi 24hrmom, you know me?? hahahaha...maybe?!

Hi Ling239, this is quite famous in Penang.

Hi Gastronimicdiary, happy exploring the food!! Good to hear that you wld love to try it out.

Hi Cynthia, yup! She missed lots of laughters.

Hi Daphne, oh yes!! Fattening, huh?

Hi WMW, ya ya ya.... I hear it!! :P

Hi BBO, yes yes yes,... so sweet!! :)

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