CRC Birthday Lunch

I know you’ll be surprise CNY has way passed already, why am I still showing this 七彩魚生. Well actually this is my MIL’s birthday lunch and her birthday is some days fall on CNY. So, all of us were actually taking this day to have a family gathering in CRC for lunch.

And this gathering should be giving a credit to my SIL whom organizing this and also orders the dishes that suit the old people.

When comes to birthday, you can’t run away from having a plate of birthday noodle (長壽麵). CRC’s noodle is one of their signature dish. Many elderly will advise not to cut the noodle that serves to anyone. I was told some ‘pantang-larang’ that the elderly would not like it.

After the noodle, all the dishes are one by one serves… First come with the Assam Prawns.

Followed by the Assorted Mushrooms with Broccolis.

Honey Ginger Chicken.

And the Steam Tofu with Minced Meat & Salted Fish.

Last but not least, a dessert. Dried Longan with White Fungus (龍眼白果雪耳糖水).

Hmmm, I wonder when will I be visiting CRC again?? Their food is just marvellous.


ling239 said…
i like those young ginger cubes in the honey chicken dish... ^_^
Anonymous said…
i like the assam prawn and the mushroom.... it look so yummy... but dun know if they put too much oyster sauce... will feel salty...

Honey Ginger Chicken look nice too....
Big Boys Oven said…
hiya, hope you are enjoyin your weekend. Linzie is coming to our baking class from Penang, Maybe next time you can get in touch with her and join us in KL