Garden Ferringhi

Heard from What2See on Feringghi Garden not long ago as well as my other colleagues on the ambience and surrounding. Thus, with our special occasion the other day, we decided to give it a try.

We drove all the way from one side of the island to the others just to find out how good is this place. Despite the traffic jams and the long journey, we both take it as enjoying the sceneries’ along the way. However, when we reached Feringghi area, I was very upset and sad to see it became so developed. I see lots of developments up there on the hill, eg. Moonlight Bay, Shamrock, etc…

Anyway, let’s talk about that later in my other blog.

When we reached Feringghi Garden, I was a bit sceptical about it, cuz, it doesn’t look that nice to me. While we both were debating should we give it a try or should we go back to our favourite spot Feringghi Grill in Rasa Sayang; one of their staff came to us and direct us to their private car park.

Hubby & I were telling ourselves, let’s give it a shot, if this doesn’t up to our expectation, we’ll not come back that’s all. After all, we have nothing to lose. Thus, we drove in to their private car park, when I saw the back yard decoration; I know this is the place for our anniversary.

I was excited taking pictures every where of this place, but hubby was busy scrutinizing their menu.

I told him, What2See was the one that recommended this place and also recommended the garlic bread too. Without second thought, hubby ordered the mixture of their home made garlic bread and tomato bread.

It turns out to be some differences compared with lots of restaurant in the island. I believe they were slightly toasted the bread, and you would need to apply those garlic sauce and tomato sauce on the bread yourself.

I have mushroom soup for myself, where else, hubby has the mixed salad for starter.

We both quite like the mushroom soup and the mixed salad that they prepared for us. Though it’s not anything different, but it tastes good.

Here comes the main course.

I made a mistake by getting myself a baked garoupa and other seafood. It turns out to be a bit bland, and it turns out to be not to my liking. In fact, I did not finish the entire plate.

Hubby got himself a Char Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken. His plate of chicken is definitely looked much better than mine, isn’t it?

We didn’t order any dessert then after, cuz, it’s kind of full to me.

After meal, their staff was kind enough to take us for a walk and also explained to us when was this established and things like that. He was telling us that this place has been established for 16 years and some phases were only established few months ago. For example, the place where we were just now was only 6 months old. Another corner of the restaurant is about 3 years old, things like that.

This place is definitely for couple that are into courtship, cuz, the ambience is absolutely amazing and cozy. And it’s a good place for proposal too. [wink]

Look at the decorations... it's so Balinese style, right? It gives their customers a pleasant dining experience.

Other Review

Address & Contact Number
34-C Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang
Tel: +604-881 1193
Fax: +604-881 1195

Contact Person
Peh Yeoh Woei Liang
(Executive Chef – Fine Cuisine)
Tel: +6012-416 2819


CRIZ LAI said…
Hmm.. two versions of recommendations here. Overall, what's your expectation of the TASTE compared to the PRICE? How would you rate the place? Sorry about the "aunty"ness but it's a norm for me to enjoy good food at a cheaper price. LOL!
Anonymous said…
wow...good enviroment...
J2Kfm said…
the place looks good, but I bet the price is steep? never visited this place throughout my tenure of 4 yrs in pg ... probably should re-visit pg and savour all its glories.... !
Hi Criz,
1. The taste is so so to my standard.
2. The environment is good.
3. The price isn't that damaging... compared to 32 Mansion, 1885 E&O, Feringghi Grill, etc.
4. To fullfil your 'aunty'ness curiousity, think this is the place which you could enjoy the ambiance and the food as well as the price.

Hi Squall, yup, indeed.

Hi j2kfm, the price isn't that steep compared to those high end fine dining restaurant. To me, this is consider reasonable.
CK Lam said…
Happy anniversary to you and your hubby...glad to hear that you celebrated this special occasion in this lovely place.
ling239 said…
the mushroom soup looks thick and ceamy....^_^
Christina Kim said…
Wow!! I have passed by this place so often and it has attracted my attention but I've not tried I am planning to...soon!:D
Awesome place i must say.
Wish i could go there and visit in one day. Will bookmark this post. =)
Little Inbox said…
Yeas, agreed, ur hubby's Char Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken looks delicious. For me, once I took the mushroom soup and the garlic bread, I'm already 3/4 full. :(
Anonymous said…
Dining in the garden... I'm so like the idea :)
Hi CKLam, thk u.

Hi Ling239, yes, it is.

Hi Christy, well, remember to share with us, ok?

Hi JeromeFo令狐冲, good, so remember to share with us once you visit.

Hi Little Inbox, me too... but then hubby wants me to eat....

Hi Jason, romantic hor??
Unknown said…
the food looks great !
can i know how much you spent for the food you ordered,pls? if possible, the price of each dishes? :p just roughly if you couldn't remember.
Hi cupnsaucer, if am not mistaken it should be RM150 plus or minus as for total bill. For my plate of baked fish is about RM30 plus, hubby's char grill chicken is about RM42 plus... garlic and tomato bread is about RM4 to 8 plus. If am not mistaken...