Golden Claypot Restaurant 金砂煲



Few months ago, when we had our dinner in Teow Chew Meng in Chai Leng Park, we saw its next door was doing some renovation work.

Hubby and I were wondering what are they intend to do with this shop? Cuz, formerly this shop was a night club, and it’s been operating for many years already.

Today we decided to check it out after these few months, and now it has turn out to be another eatery outlet in Chai Leng Park. The decorations is so pleasant, the only thing is if you have lots of people dining in perhaps you need to sit at the long table. Cuz, they do not have any big round table cater for 10 or 6. Oh yes, this is the place where the restaurant name tells it all, all dishes are serve in a claypot. That’s why you could see many claypots down here.

What’s good about this place is, dishes were serving pretty fast. So, it’s literally good news for those are hungry. [grin]

While we were scrutinizing the menu, I saw almost every table will order a fish head claypot (紅燒魚頭). I supposed this is one of the recommended dish.

Ever since some time last year, I had the 薑蔥田雞 in Cheang Kee, Nibong Tebal. I’ve not been having Paddy Field Frog; so a pot of 薑蔥田雞 is a must.

Hubby loves pork ribs… so, a pot of Chinese fermented black beans Pork Ribs (豆豉排骨) just for him.

Finally a plate of mixed vegetables that ends the order.

It took only less than 30mins, the dishes are served. The fish head is among the best that we ordered, the ribs isn’t that good, guess something is missing. The Paddy Field Frog isn’t that bad either, it’s good to try.

A simple dinner that satisfied all the gluttons here.

18 & 20, Jalan Kurau
Chai Leng Park
13700 Perai

Note: Free WiFi


looks like everyone wants to go into f& wifi..nxt time round..instant food blogging?
Anonymous said…
hmm..... Tham Ciak told us the food is so so...

so we never go and try... we trust Tham Ciak... :P

hope they will improve one day, before we give them a second chance...:P

normally we will go back to the store which not serving a tasty dish during our first visit....

Giving them a 2nd chance.....
wmw said…
Wah, the photos also seem to look "golden"...
CK Lam said…
From your pix, the dishes looks tasty. Will go over one day and have a try.
ling239 said…
prices seem reasonable...
i saw pork leg in the menu...:P
Hi Joe,
I think this is the only biz that can work for the time being.

Hi PenangTuaPui,
Well, individual has their own taste bud. Perhaps their standard is not up to Tham Ciak's expectation. To me, is bearable.

'Golden' meh?? :D

Hi CK Lam,
Ya, do share some photos.

Hi Ling239,
Prices are ok, at least small medium family could afford lor.
CRIZ LAI said…
I think you should try the Claypot Restaurant up in Tg Bungah better. I felt that the taste there is better than this one in Chai Leng Park, although the portion is not that big.
Hi Criz, pls give me the direction pls... or any landmark?!!