New Day Porridge 新園清香粥

New Day Porridge 新園清香粥 is a place where you can have Teow Chew porridge, and economy rice or even ‘chu char’ (煮炒). The shop is located in Lorong Selamat, it’s one of the off road of Macalister Road.

Along this street – Lorong Selamat, you can find lots of good food here. The famous and expensive Char Koay Teow is also selling down here. Well, this time, am not going to share anything about Char Koay Teow but Teow Chew Porridge.

Teow Chew porridge unlike Cantonese porridge where it takes longer hour to cook, and further more, Teow Chew porridge is like those cooked rice that boiled in a water for a short while. The texture is more of like cooked rice soak in a soup, Cantonese porridge is more liquidity.

Anyway, Teow Chew porridge must have it together with some light dishes like Salted Egg, Fried Fish and so on.
What we have down here is their famous, Dark Soya Sauce Pork Meat. I don’t know why their Dark Soya Sauce Pork Meat (aka Hokkien called it “Tou Yiu Bak” 豆油肉/豉油肉) is so sticky, perhaps they added honey or malt (麥芽). I actually quite like this.
Another dish that accomplish to this porridge is, Dried Radish Fried Egg (Hokkien called it “Chai Por” Egg 蘿蔔乾). Of course, never miss Salted Egg (鹹鴨蛋).
Hubby likes Fermented Beans Steam Fish (豆豉蒸魚); down here, they deep fried the fish first then after steam with these fermented beans.
Another hubby’s favourite is Dark Soya Sauce Stir Fried with Roasted Pork with Chili Padi.

With these dishes, both of us could have 2 bowls of this porridge. Hmmm… yummy yummy!!


ling239 said…
actually i like 豆豉魚 too...
but after the ban, now i hardly eat it any more...
wmw said…
You have got me craving for some teo chew porridge now ;o)
Anonymous said…
porridge...comfort food anytime!! :)
CK Lam said…
We used to patronise this shop and another one in Rangoon Road which has shifted. Both sells the same type of dishes.
My sons love their famous Dark Sauce Pork Meat which they name it as Ore Bak..
erinalaw said…
My favourite place for porridge too. My favourite is also the dark soya sauce stir fried pork with chilli. Yum yum........
J2Kfm said…
still rmbr there is another porridge shop right in front of BJ Complex right? the corner shop that also sells Braised Duck.
Precious Pea said…
Simple and good hor? I make this at home from time to time too.
Anonymous said…
Porridge is my wife favourite.. we always go town to get the teow chiew porridge...

everytime we have it.. we sweat a lot... "soooooooong"
Anonymous said…
the one in front of BJ complex one very expensive....
Omgz.So many foods with the Porridge =)
I miss the taste of Salted Egg =(
24HrMom said…
I prefer more on cantonese porridge. But salted egg with porridge is a must! No satisfaction without it !
Hi Ling239, I think this one home made.

Hi WMW, long time no see! :)

Hi Buzzingbee, oh yes!!

Hi CK, Rangoon Road?? Where is it now?

Hi Erina, long time no see!! Yes yes yes... I like that too.

Hi j2kfm, yup, you're right. But that one kinda expensive.

Hi Precious Pea, is it?? Did you share in your post? :)

Hi Penangtuapui, sweat a lot?? How come??

Hi Jeromefo, oh, can never miss salted egg for such porridge.

Hi 24hrMom, I do like Cantonese porridge. But once in awhile must try TeoChew Porridge, mah!

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