Teo Seafood Restaurant 潮海鮮飯店, Langkawi

After visited Four Season Resort in Tanjung Rhu area, we gotta rush back to Westin and return the car rental which we supposed to return and also attend the SPA appointment that we have made a day before.

So, before returning, we had a quick lunch in Kuah Town again.

This time, we had something really really simple. I had a Langkawi Char Koay Teow, which is similar to Penang one; except the fact that they are a bit oily. As for ‘wok hei’, Langkawi one is very much better. After eating for nearly 15 to 20 minutes, the plate of CKT is still burning hot.

Hubby ordered a Pork Ribs King Rice (排骨王飯). It was good and simple.

We actually wanted to order some other dishes, they even have lobster, geoduck, crabs, mantis prawns, prawns and many others.

Unfortunately, we are time up for returning the car and SPA appointment.


gill gill said…
Wow, the CKT looks tasty!
Anonymous said…
you must love CKT very much until Langkawi also order that dish.... :P

the rice look tasty too..
ling239 said…
maybe the oil is keeping the char koay teow warm....:p
Little Inbox said…
The pork rib rice looks different from normal one which is in tomato sauce.
J2Kfm said…
better than Penang's? wow, a gem undiscovered then?
you guys are lucky, pamper yourselves with the food, spa, etc
molly said…
Thanks for dropping at my blog. Your blog looks great, the pictures are all very well taken, I must learn to do that. I took some pictures earlier but all turn our so horrible.
Nice meeting you!
Anonymous said…
hi..I am new to blogging about food..like to visit your blog..the food all look so delicious..:D
Hi Gill Gill, oh yes!! It does.

Hi Penangtuapui, hahahahah..... maybe!?

Hi Ling239, I supposed kua? Not too sure also.

Hi Little Inbox, it's still tomato sauce. No change on that.

Hi j2kfm, hehehehe... pamper meh? No la... only once in a blue blue moon.

Hi Molly, thank you. Dont worry, practise makes perfect. I know you can do it!!

Hi Princessinhouse, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often.
Brian Ong said…
CKT looks yummy yummy =D