Wedding Banquet in Gurney Resort

I know I have been missing in action for a long long time…. Not because of am lazy or what, I was completely have no time to blog anything. Thus, I’ve neglected this small corner of mine for quite some time.

On top of that, many of you know that I’ve gone thru some op, thus, I have no chance to eat out too. Beside the point, I was absolutely busy with my annual task and also my brother’s wedding.

I guess you could imagine why I didn’t show all the full course dishes when you read thru. Cuz, I was busy attending to relatives and friends. And also busy running around too.

I was managed to take a few of those dishes and post it here. The banquet took place in Gurney Resort, which located along the Gurney Drive area.

1st dish… nobody could miss this out. The Four Season Palate, that comprises of money bag, jelly fish, prawn fritters, fried shark fin, and a sweet and sour seaweed wrapped with chicken meat.

2nd dish… The usual Shark Fin Soup.

3rd dish… Chicken with Prawn Crackers.

4th dish… Butter Milk Prawns.

5th dish… Thai Sauce Steam Fish.

6th dish… Assorted mushrooms with broccoli.

7th dish… Yong Chow Fried Rice.

8th dish… Honeydew and Sago.

Overall on the food taste, nothing much could complain, and secondly the food served were hot too.

Since I've not been submitting my homework for awhile, this would be something for a start. Enjoy!


Sweet Jasmine said…
This is the usual chinese 8 course dinner which will fill our stomach full. I 'll be going for a chinese wedding dinner in KL this weekend so will be expecting somthing like this or better.
Little Inbox said…
Welcome back, pal. OIC, busy with your brother's wedding...
CK Lam said…
Congratulations to you having a sister-in-law and the best thing is seeing you back in action again :)
Lingzie said…
hie!!! glad to see you back!
looks like a beautiful wedding! the dishes seem pretty standard for hotel wedding banquet. i've been attending wedding back to back the past 2 weekends :)
congratulations on your brother's wedding!
Christina Kim said…
You're back!!!~ Welcome *hugs*

It's always hard to take pics when you're helping out at a wedding...haha, hard to be a flogger and a helper at the same time;)

Looks like Gurney Resort is not bad; the food, presentation. What do you think?:D
Hi Sweet Jasmine, well, I can't wait to see you posting then.

Hi Little Inbox, Thank you. Busy with his wedding as well as my annual task lor. :(

Hi CK, Thank you, thank you...

Hi Lingzie, thank you thank you... feeling good too when see you guys dropping me a line. :)

Hi Christy, thank you thank you... yes, you're right, it ain't easy to be a flogger and a helper at the same time. Other table was wondering why am I taking the food picture and not the newly wed couple. :D
Cynthia said…
I hope that you are feeling much better these days.
Anonymous said…
hey...glad to see that you're back and posting!! Hehe. Must have been a busy period for you huh.
Beautiful wedding by the way...lovely flowers and food looks nice.
dear friend,

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CRIZ LAI said…
Welcome back NKOTB. I hope you are in the best of health now. We hope to see you in the 2nd flogger meet if you can make it this coming 27th. check out Lingzie's page :)
wmw said…
At least you still come back and blog :o). Trust all is well.
J2Kfm said…
been some time since I heard from you as well. :)

I'll be attending a wedding next week. but I try to refrain myself from disrupting the meal for others. hehe ...
Hi Cynthia, yes, I am. Thank you.

Hi Buzzingbee, oh yes... a busy period for me.

Hi ibnu marzuki al firdaus, sorry, don't have.

Hi Criz, thanks for the invitation, I've responded to PenangTuaPui & What2See already. I can't make it as I have a family dinner to attend. :(

Hi WMW, long time no see!! Yes, am doing fine. Was very busy at work and assisting brother's wedding. Didn't have much time for myself, so basically no time to blog. :)

Hi j2kfm, :) actually 3 weeks MIA.