Rainforest Bakery & Pastry

I was first introduced by my manager whom patronized this bakery shop. She got to know from her lunch buddies that this place was featured in the Sunday Star. And it runs by 2 identical twin brothers, Jesse and Jerry Tan.

Then after she handed me their business card, and asked me to check it out. She told me that this is a Home Made Bakery Shop also an organic bakery, and the only place where she could find Bagel too.

When we were in Chulia Street in one of the weekend, we drove up and down to look for this shop. Didn’t realize it was just in between Chulia Lane and Love Lane. Without much hesitation we hopped into the shop and bought about RM29 worth of breads.

We also have something light like Toast Bread and a glass of orange juice.

This isn’t like any other bread shop like Bread History but I believe this is some place where back packer will appreciate. Beside, from the menu that they handed to me, I could see there are many variety of food line from spaghetti, fish and chips to our local delight like nasi lemak.

This is absolutely a thumb up bakery shop if you’re a bread lover!

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Address & Contact Number
Rainforest Bakery & Pastry
300 Chulia Street
Tel: +604-261 4641

Business hour: Monday to Saturday (11am – 7pm)


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the recommendation. I used to fancy "Continental" Bread behind Penang Plaza. It is good as well. Their nasi lemak and spagetti also good.
J2Kfm said…
I agree with simplegirl. I like Continental Bakery as well. makes one less guilt from all the carbo. =P
Food Paradise said…
Heard lots about this bakery but have not visited them yet. lol
Little Inbox said…
Another good place for afternoon tea. :)
Allie said…
I used to visit Continental too. Now must go try this new place ;-)
minchow said…
Yes, I agree - this is one of the best bakeries, if not THE best, in Penang hands down. And we've gone the full circle, from Continental to the bakery at Sarkies E&O (discount after 8PM), but nothing quite beats the loaves here. The banana cake is magnificent!
Duckie said…
i read that they sell good wholemeal bread!!
Anonymous said…
I get some of my supply of bread from Rainforest and I usually go for the dark rye and at times the vollkron bread. The banana cake makes a good afternoon teatime snack.

Best to keep the bread in the freezer. Both goes well with butter and jam.
Lingzie said…
although i do pass by this place often, have yet to set foot into this place. lol. i still love continental bakery! :)
Steven Goh said…
wah rainforest bakery is a new place to me. I love the classic look of this. Thanks for the sharing
Hi Simplegirl, I've not try Continental nasi lemak before. But I've tried their bread. It's good!

Hi j2kfm, when you're here in Penang, give it a try on Rainforest.

Hi Food Paradise, do give it a try then.

Hi Little Inbox, oh yes.

Hi Allie, remember to share ah!!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, wow, you're a bread lover, don't you?

Hi duckie, oh yes... no doubt about it.

Hi CK, have not try on that... will try one day.

Hi Lingzie, give it a try. Just try 1!

Hi Steve, no problem.
Faye fly said…
now only know penang have tis old classic bakery shop ...paiseh nia..
thanks for sharing i like bread like bakery ..sure'l g there n try..but juz scare cant find it ?!..aik
Food Promotions said…
As a bread lover, i was fasinated after reading about rainforest bakery. I head down to this shop today, i was a bit too late to dine at the cafe beside it. I went over to the bakery to get some scones, six cereal bread and their yogurt limonata cake :)
Unknown said…
I read that they sell good wholemeal bread. Fresh Direct Coupon

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