Nippon Yataimura

I have visited Nippon Yataimura in Pulau Tikus many times, and never visited this outlet in Queensbay. It was like a reminder when I see Makan King & Queen’s post on this.

Since hubby wanted to take me out for lunch today, I suggested this place. Reason is because I would like to blog about it (I guess that’s no longer a reason), another reason is I know hubby would love this if I have this for him – Ishiyaki Kinoko Mori. This is an ala carte dish and it’s stir fry assorted mushrooms and served on a stone hot plate. True enough, hubby loves it.

I have their signature ramen – Gekikara Ramen. And the spicy level is 4, highest is 5 which is the hottest. The last I tried was level 3 is when I had it with my colleague for a farewell. When I had that, it wasn’t really spicy as what they claimed, so today thought of give it a try on a higher level, that’s level 4. I guess whoever is here, will definitely have this on to their table.

As for hubby, he had a simple in fact, a Seafood Fried Rice. This is also served in a stone hot plate, something unique. Nothing really special about this, seafood that accomplished this is pan fried salmon, prawns and squid. In fact fried rice is more of a cook’s skill that made his customer happy.

Well, this meal has made my rest of the day unproductive, both of us was so full after finishing everything.

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Address & Contact Number
Nippon Yataimura Japanese Restaurant
LG-83 Queensbay Mall
Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-6468 763
Fax: +604-6465 763


Steven Goh said…
Yataimura, nice place to be. I still prefer the one at Pulau Tikus, it gives me the feeling of origin. Btw, Gekikara Ramen is still the best. Usually I only order until level 3. After that my head on top will start raining heavily.
Allie said…
yeah. This is one place in my makan list... jap food.. yummy...
Duckie said…
i like this place, but i usually go to the one in pulau tikus
Anonymous said…
never tried the fried mushrooms..looks interesting. thanks for sharing :)
Little Inbox said…
I have not visited their branch in Pulau Tikus so far.
cariso said…
I like the previous P.Tikus one before they renovated. I don't like Qbay one.
choi yen said…
The mushrooms attract me, I like mushroom too!!!
J2Kfm said…
nice mushroom dish. i'd have ordered the same thing as well.

Gekikara Ramen with what ingredients? only stood out cz spiciness? interesting.

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