Hoong Tho Restaurant 鴻圖酒樓

This restaurant is located in Ipoh Old Town (怡保舊街場), and how do you different Old Town or New Town in Ipoh then. Simple, just differentiate by Kinta River, across the other end that’s Old Town. In fact, Ipoh Old Town has lots of good foods, and one of the famous one is Hoong Tho Restaurant which has been here for many many years, if am not mistaken it was established in 1957. And it has now inherited by grandchildren.

This place has featured in HoChak’s program also, Food Point of Interest has the short clips of it.

I was there sometime last month, and I didn’t order their signature Hoong Tho Noodle. However, I’ve order the Wat Tan Hor (滑蛋河), and this is really nothing in Penang could compared to this. Reason it’s full of fragrant, where as in Penang, people fried the flat noodle ahead first then only they cook the sauce.

Deep Fried Sang Min (乾煎生麵) is one of their famous dish. I didn’t quite like that, probably I prefer the Sang Min without deep frying. Does anyone know Sang Min is actually the normal Wanton Mee??

Oh yes, though Fish Paste Wanton is their signature dish, but we have something different, that’s Fish Paste Wanton Soup and they named it Ee Foo Wanton (依芙雲吞). Though many people find it a crispy wanton and dip in a soup that will make the crispy skin soggy, however, you could see many tables in the shop do order this dish. So, am surely believe this is their signature.

Last, my favourite Wax Meat Clay Pot Rice (蠟味飯). It tastes really good and I believe they have also added a bit of Shaoxing Wine (紹興酒) to make fragrant.

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Address & Contact Number
No. 20, Jalan Bandar Timah
30000 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605-254 9676

Business Hour:
10am to 10pm


worldwindows said…
My goodness. I have grown up eating from this shop! Reminiscing the good old days. Dim Sum, Yee Wat - Fish paste, Kap Tai Porridge. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I remembered food in Hoong Tho was much better when I was still in my secondary school...it seems the standard has dropped already...
Christina Kim said…
Sang min is normal wanton mee? I thought it's a different version?:p

The fish paste looks good...what did you think of it?
I didn't like the soggy idea though....:p
Allie said…
I feel like wanna take a bite of the Ee Foo Wanton. It looks so tempting lol...
I agree with you that Ipoh Wat Tan Hor will has a great wok hei compare to the one we get in Penang.
J2Kfm said…
and i;ve not eaten at this place since i was in primary or secondary school.

shameful right? and i work in Old Town even ... hahaha ...
Anonymous said…
omg... they loook great ! i really miss original asian foods
choi yen said…
The mee quite burnt eh... :(
Tummythoz said…
On d contrary, I prefer that sang meen fried then drenched with the sauce. Droolz. Hope to visit soon.
Food Promotions said…
Thw fish paste is something different. Will drop by this place if i happen to go Ipoh

Little Inbox said…
Wat Tan Hor, yoo...yummy!
Hi Worldwindows, I in fact very happy to post something that bring some good memories for my friends/readers. Enjoy.

Hi Simple Girl, standard has dropped?? Not that I know, in fact, this is my 1st visit.

Hi Christy, it's the same actually. Of course, soggy wanton couldn't beat the deep fried one. However it has its special taste. At least something different. Isn't that Food Bloggers' adventurous spirit? :)

Hi Allie, after this, I don't find Penang Wat Tan Hor nice anymore. Penang just can't compete to this at all.

Hi J2Kfm, adui.... give it a try la!!!

Hi prospero, thanks for dropping, you like asian food a lot??

Hi mimid3vils, burnt meh?? Just nice wor... :)

Hi Tummythoz, I personally dont like Sang Min. It's my sis' favourite in fact.

Hi Food Promotions, remember to share ya?

Hi Little Inbox, you like that??
Food For Tots said…
The food looks so homely and yummy! If you are in KL, try the 生虾炒生面 at Greenview PJ. It is their signature dish.
Hi Food for Tots, Ok, sure do! will hv to get my friend to take me there. Thanks for the hint!
Anonymous said…
hi there, the contact # is wrong. it's a guy answering and he said it's a home not a restaurant.
Hi Anonymous, oops, sorry. I have no idea about that.