Burmah Road Wanton Mee

I think everybody knows there are a lot of good foods along Burmah Road in this beautiful island. Whether is at night or day… well, am going to share something about for the day.

Think you are not finding the Chinese Pan Cake (Apom) stall that next to Union Primary School any strange. Well, do you know the Wanton Mee stall that next to it is equally good and famous??

Hubby told me its brief history in fact, before they shifted to Burmah Road, the stall was actually located at Bawasah Road and Nagore Road back lane. If you remember there was a funeral parlor down there which is next to Penang Plaza. Some how that funeral parlor shifted place and this stall also.

When you’re out of idea what to have for lunch, you will tend to look for those comfort stalls, for example, this Burmah Road Wanton Mee.

Since it’s a road side stall, you don’t get to see lots of tables and chairs. You will have to grab whatever it’s available for that point in time. Tables and chairs are all line along the shops corridor also.

What I like about this stall is they are serving the noodle with those olden days bowl. If you remember we used to hear people call Wanton Mee as Tok Tok Mee… reason is because we hear them knock on the bamboo, and shout ‘Tok Tok Mee… Tok Tok Mee…’

Ok, back to the Wanton Mee here, noodle was served with stew mushroom and chicken, some vegetables and char siew. Though the char siew isn’t that impressive, but overall the taste is satisfying.

Some extra dishes like …

Vegetables and,

Wanton soup.

Absolutely a satisfying lunch!!

Note: the stall is manning by an old couple, and the stall is next to Union Primary School. Operate from 11am onwards.


Penang Tua Pui said…
fei fei love their tok tok mee... yum yum
Anonymous said…
so far, i think this is the best Wanton Mee in Penang....haha...
foodbin said…
lots of ingredients.
minchow said…
Ooh, this is definitely a golden oldie! My dad swears by this place. And the roadside dining experience on busy Burmah Road heightens the whole meal! :-)
choi yen said…
That was dry version? Quite watery~~
worldwindows said…
How to resist an old-time favourite. Only the drive from Sg. Nibong On 2nd thoughts with the coastal highway:)
Christina Kim said…
Roadside wanton mee, interesting!
That must be the stall I always see crowded besides the apom:)
Hi PTP, a bit watery. I like the dry dry type.

Hi Simple Girl, is that so?? There are more for you to hunt, leh!!

Hi Duckie, :)

Hi Foodbin, ok la!!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, it reminds of something like the olden days, right?

Hi mimid3vils, ya, a bit watery.

Hi worldwindows, ya, why not?? I'll do that!

Hi Christy, haven't try before?? Well, you should give it a shot, gal!
wmw said…
Harlow...I want! Have you forgotten me??? Hehehe...
J2Kfm said…
yeah, i was just gonna comment on those classic looking bowls ...

near which part of Burma Road?
Rebecca Saw said…
yes..very old school..and had to stand n eat sometimes!
Food Paradise said…
aiyo..... I have not try the wantan mee before bor..... will try soon since my gal loves wantan mee. lol
Little Inbox said…
Yalor, watery a bit hor?
Steven Goh said…
I think this 1 need to start the story from my mother liao. If she sits at this stall sure will have whole day to talk about. I think even the dry wanton mee will become wet. Btw, I just love the wanton mee of this stall is one of the attraction.
Hi WMW, Of course never forget you!! hahahahahah

Hi J2Kfm, next to Union Primary School.

Hi thenomadGourmand, is that right?

Hi Food Paradise, remember to share ah?

Hi Little Inbox, a bit lor!

Hi Steven, ai ya, then have you post the story ah???
Anonymous said…
wah.. best in Penang ar...must go try d.. hehe
the gravy is kinda a lot huh? different from the usual wan tan mee?
Hi Allie, ya, it's a bit watery that day, dont know why.